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okay i know the progression of leaping of every rank but what the books DON'T explain is how far can the character leap before taking the leaping power? and then how far can someone leap with rank 1 leaping?

Jumping is covered on p. 34.

Originally Posted by The Book
You can make a running long jump of (Str modifier + 10) feet, a
standing long jump of half that distance, and a high (vertical) jump of a
quarter that distance. Round all distances down to the nearest foot. So
a Strength 10 (+0 modifier) character can make a running long jump of
10 feet, a standing long jump of 5 feet and a high jump of 2 feet (2.5,
rounded down to 2). Increases to your Strength, including extra effort
(see page 120), increase your jumping distances as well. Super-Strength
(see page 104) does not increase jumping distances. Extra effort doubles
your jumping distance for one jump. The Leaping power (see page
90) greatly increases the distance you can jump.

If you make a long jump and fail to clear the distance by your height
or less, you can make a Reflex save (DC 15) to grab the far edge of a gap.

How do you create a realistic world class jumper without the Leaping Power?

The current world record for the long jump is about 29 feet. To nearly achieve that, one could go with an 18 Str and use Extra Effort to double jump distance, for 28 feet. A 20 Str would get you 30 feet.

You can also extend the distance you jump with the Acrobatics skill, one extra foot for every point you beat a DC 15 check by. Assuming that the world record distance represents a natural 20 on the skill check, plus extra effort, you'd only need a STR of 12, a DEX of 10 and 2 ranks of Acrobatics to get 29 feet. If that seems unreasonably easy, remember your modeling a normal jumper in a superhero game where even "normals" like Batman easily match or exceed real world record performances. For a more consistent leaper, a few extra points of STR and DEX plus a few extra ranks in Acrobatics and the Skill Mastery feat allows you to take 10 in any situation and get a result in that neighborhood.

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