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Dungeons & Dragons (AD&D) and clones
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Days Gone By
"I know not why, but my blade grows heavy as of late."

Welcome to the Great Dale

"Seek the tavern- you'll find everything you need waiting inside."
-Just about every DM in history
They speak of a mighty dragon, one that flew over out Great Dale and vanquished the forest asunder. But we prevailed and live on in this place of harsh winters and beautiful summers. We are the Dalelanders and from the passing years we have brought our lands out of the demonic pestilence that claims Narfell. We've prospered. With The Road and with it's wide expanse newcomers have sought their fame or fortune in the ruins of Narfell's once indomitable vestiges. These are their tales...

-Dirina Ros, assistant to the current Nentyarch of the Great Dale
Forgotten Realms

This small tale will take place in a indeterminable time in the Great Dale of the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting. It's purpose is to serve as a blank slate for an adventuring party beginning as normally as would most tabletop games. There is no greater evil here- until the characters create it. You will be selected and sorted into a part of four adventurers so mind your applications and forge them of steel or intellect.

The idea behind this game is to create that basic sense of adventure we've come to lose over the decades. In the spirit of Gary Gygax and all those great designers of the AD&D 2.E rules will honor them. Get ready for a dungeon delve, you will be tested.
Character Creation
All interested players should familiarize themselves with the
AD&D 2.E rules, the character creation process will be as follows...

Ability Scores:

*All Ability Score rolling will take place in a specified thread, hop to the game forum and look for yourself.
When rolling for your Ability Scores you will do them in order, each one beginning with 3d6. The lowest value you may roll is a 4 and the highest is an 18. Once you have completed your six rolls in order you may find yourself extremely dissatisfied with the results. I will allow you to alter ONE of the rolls and swap it out with one other. In the words of Zeb Cook "Do not give up on a character just because of a low score. Instead, view this as an opportunity to role-play, to create a unique and entertaining personality."
As you begin to create your character for this installment of AD&D you should understand that you are encouraged to use the lore placed throughout the Forgotten Realms. Your character can have a wild disposition or be from a far-off locale. Just remember you need to mesh well with others. No evil alignments are allowed.

CLASSES/RACES I will be requiring characters to have proper Ability Scores or Race to take on certain classes. I have complied a list of requirements by class below.

Fighter: Str9 [Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, 1/2E, Halfling]
Paladin: Str12, Con9, Wis13, Cha17
Ranger: Str13, Dex13, Con14, Wis14 [Elf, 1/2E]
Mage: Int9 (Also depends on if you're specializing, PM me) [Elf, Gnome-Illusionist ONLY, 1/2E]
Cleric: Wis9 [Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, 1/2E, Halfling]
Druid: Wis12, Cha15 [1/2E]
Thief: Dex9 [Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, 1/2E, Halfling]
Bard: Dex12, Int13, Cha15 [1/2E]

Multi-Classing, character must meet all Ability Score reqs.
Shield or Gold only. +1 CON, -1 CHA
Dwarf: Figher/Cleric, Fighter/Thief
High only. +1 DEX, -1 CON
Elf: Fighter/Thief, Fighter/Mage/Thief, Mage/Thief
Hill or Rock. +1 INT, -1 WIS
Gnome: Fighter/Thief, Illusionist/Thief
No mods
Half Elf: cleric(or druid)/fighter, cleric(or druid)/fighter/mage, cleric(or druid)/ranger, cleric(or druid)/mage, fighter/mage, fighter/thief, fighter/mage/thief, mage/thief
Lightfoot, +1 DEX, -1 STR
Halfling: Fighter/Thief

CHARACTER SHEET: Make up a character sheet (AFTER ABILITY SCORES HAVE BEEN ROLLED PUBLICLY), enable it public so we can all see it and post within the Character Sheet thread. Fill it out entirely.

Other things

While I understand that players have a life outside of Myth-Weavers it is also to be understood that a lot of hard work and dedication is being put into all of my games. I have put a list of interesting facts and tidbits of information you may be wondering and that I want you to know about...

1. Post Count, tnettoc is usually able to have access to Myth-Weavers and will keep the story flowing as quickly as possible. That is done with your help. I ask that anyone applying has the time for one-two dedicated posts a day. If you will be absent for more than two days at a time please inform me.

2. Detail Oriented, adjectives are a very integral part of your character creation. They are also a very deep part of storytelling. GET USED TO THEM. Describe your posts, give me detail and breadth of what your character is doing in the story. If your character gets wounded don't just say 'My guy got hit' say 'He was slashed across the arm creating a scarlet ribbon of blood in its wake'. As GM I will put as much time into a response as I can, so should you.

3. I know, as do most D&D games, I may be attracting some flies here. Let me just put a word of caution out there- if you get on my nerves about character creation you will not be accepted. I shouldn't have to hold anyone's hands and if I see errors I will send a PM or voice the matter and it should be taken care of ASAP. I cannot stress this enough- this is a basic style AD&D affair- not a trot through 3.5 Headache-Realm.

4. Overall Goal, what is the overall goal of a comic book? No one really knows. It's a story and your characters are living in it. I am the narrator and its your role to react to the way the world turns. Be ready for high-heroics and dangerous subterfuge. There is even chances of romance and diplomacy if the game is played right. Let me rephrase that. 'If the story is propelled right.'

5. Does my character ever get any better? Yes they will, with levels! I intend to reward characters based on their performance in the game itself. Not just because they sat back and watched something get killed by the tank.

6. Starting gold, each character will begin with a select amount of starting gold.
Fighter Classes = 130 GP
Wizard Classes = 50 GP
Rogue Classes = 90 GP
Priest Classes = 100 GP

7. Secondary Skills, every character should roll a D% three times when rolling Ability Scores. The first D% result will decide what your secondary skill is or if you need to roll again- twice. The second two rolls will determine your secondary skill(s) in turn.

8. Homebrew Fighter rule. All characters playing as a Fighter will gain ONE weapon specialization at the start of their character creation. See the details of this listed on page 52. Also, weapons within a category, (IE: Handaxe, battle axe) are treated as one weapon specialization for simple ease of use.

In closing, thank you for reading through this game ad and if you came all the way to this point and still have no interest in applying. Leave your inspirational and helpful comments below.

Game Description:


Running: The Goodkind, FFXIX, FFXX
About: Dedicate to providing the best FF-PbP games on the Weave.

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Yeah, sounds like good times to me. Dice rolls will likely put me in the fighter/mage/cleric/thief role so I'll probably multiclass a bit.

When I saw it was you for a moment I thought it was going to be run in Window, which would be awesome.

I know this character is a child but I love roleplaying and character development. Whatever penalties and limitations you impose on her I will of course accept but I would like to play her as is. I have always wanted to play this character in a second edition forgotten realms character using her and I can post at least five times a week. Well hope you like her!

Character Info

Name: Marianna 'Maria' Fireheart
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Age: 9
Height: 3 feet 10 inches
Weight: 48 lbs
Hair: Reddish Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Character Class: Invoker(preferrably), Mage(at least)
Preferred Level: 1
Alignment: Neutral Good

Description: You see a female, standing just a few inches short of 4 feet. She has a very young, probably slightly babyish face which is very childlike for a supposedly young halfling adult. But she can't be a Halfling since she is wearing boots instead of walking hairy barefooted. And she hasn't the pointed ears of an elf. But the real clue to her age is that she lacks any breasts, usually present in adult females of most humanoid species. They have yet to develop indicating she is still in early puberty, perhaps 9-10 years of age. She is a very lithe child, though not too thin. Fairskinned with a slightly sallow complexion, her head is surrounded by a beautiful mane of wavy, reddish brown hair that runs down to her shoulders. She looks at you with piercing, mysterious hazel eyes. Her attire consists of a green shirt, light brown pants and a hooded blue cloak which partially conceals a backpack. On her belt is a large multipocketed belt pouch and sheathed dagger.

Personality: Maria is a shy, introverted child that is full of surprises. She is someone who likes to stay in the background but despite this can be very outspoken at times. The little girl is very intelligent and witty. She can also be very sarcastic and blunt. But she has a meek exterior that hides the courageous, often formidable inner strength that she possesses within. The child is kind and helpful and a champion of the oppressed and the downtrodden.

Quirks/Flaws: Naive and a bit self critical. Bit of a bookworm and sometimes can be oblivious to her surroundings when she has her nose in a book. Very outspoken and will say what she feels at the most inopportune times. Annoyingly sarcastic and bluntly honest.

Motivations: Day to day. Her strongest motivations are survival and avoiding capture by the red wizards. She would not mind becoming a more powerful invoker in her own right but long term goals are somewhat furthest from her mind at the moment. She has just recently been orphaned, is travelling in a strange unfamiliar land, and is on the run from powerful wizards! That's enough to give adult adventurer's humungous migraines let alone a prepubescent girl!

Future Plans

-hoping for her to have to constantly put up with the red wizards. Would love to see her give them a merry chase about Faerun, especially since they are unaware of how well she has developed in her magic!
-other organizations being interested in her because of her abilities with magic which would make sense. The good organizations will try to protect her and find her a mentor, the evil ones will try to manipulate her and turn her to the dark side. After all there's the Arcane Brotherhood and the Harpers, the red wizards are going to have a lot competition soon!


Umara Fezim was a red wizard unlike any other. Instead of choosing to be power hungry and ruthlessly competitive like the other red wizards in training, she chose to do some good with her training, feeling that the backstabbing, self serving nature of the red wizards could only lead to their downfall. A very idealistic and kindhearted person she was alienated by her fellow trainees, but it only served to make her stronger both mentally and physically. Despite her do gooderness she proved to be a very formidable and clever red wizard which served her well and helped her survive as she developed as an evoker during her years in red wizard school.

So when she gained her right to become a red wizard, she chose to instead join the ranks of the Guild of Foreign Trade and serve as a merchant. She was also trained as an alchemist and chose to ply this trade, mostly to get out of Thay. She had no wish to get involved with the internal conflicts of the other red wizards so she chose to travel outside of Thay and work with the enclaves to help establish trade with the nations to the east. Given that she was one of the best alchemists in Thay and that her goody two shoes nature made her a little more trusted than most other red wizards, she was successful.

But she also left Thay for an even less patriotic reason, wanderlust. For several years she went adventuring whenever she was not working with the enclaves. But she made sure she contributed some of what she gained from adventuring to the enclaves to ensure that they knew she still worked for them.

Umara worked with a particular adventuring group who were neutral enough to accept Umara and her red wizardly background and 'complications'. Although she was very honest with them and while not necessarily telling all of the red wizards' secrets or conspiracies, generally being trustworthy and caring enough to do what is best for the party and their well being. So quickly she earned their trust, a trust she repeatedly continued to earn. The group was working around the vicinity of Daggerdale, since one of their group, a man named Randal Bloodaxe hailed from there and was working to free his people from Zhentarim rule. Because of this the party often went on missions for Randal Morn.

In 1357, the adventurers where one of the mercenary groups selected by Randal Morn and Mourngrym Amcathra to help defend the overland pass between Shadowdale and Mistledale through Tilver's Gap to Cormyr. The group fought bravely and Umara, who was already getting an earful from her red wizard superiors for threatening to induce the wrath of the Zhentarim by helping Randal Morn's cause, risked her life constantly, even for a clear enemy of her people and earned the respect of Randal and Mourngrym and their allies. Eventually the crisis was averted and the group parted ways with Bloodaxe and continued on.Because

Because of her deeds in Daggerdale, Umara was walking on eggshells with her superiors and to appease them offered to go on a few missions, nonevil ones that is, that would help them get some valuable artifacts with the help of her friends who suggested the idea in the first place. It was also at this time that she had a budding relationship with one of her adventuring group, a man Waterdhavian named Allistair Fireheart. Eventually Umara at least earned a bit of forgiveness for her actions in Daggerdale, even though she has no regrets for helping Randal Morn, and Umara was still allowed to continue working for the enclaves. Her position and influence within the enclaves helped them to get needed healing supplies. She did have to screen them first before getting it to her party. Given that these were coming from red wizards that were not as good natured as Umara, precautions had to be made.

Umara still continued to antagonize other red wizards though. One time she was supposed to alchemically alter one of her potions to turn it into a powerfully new addictive drug for sale at the enclaves. Instead she gave the potion, unaltered, to Reidan Veil to help cure his daughter Celeste who had accidentally ingested a lethal poison, saving her. Grateful Reidan compensated for the loss of funds even though Umara insisted on giving the potion without fee.

In Eleasias 1359, the party was in the Sword Coast in and around Waterdeep. They were investigating some banditry north of Waterdeep in the caravan route leading to Neverwinter. It was rumored that the bandits were led by a wizard working for the Arcane Brotherhood. On the night before the party went out to hunt down the bandits Umara and Allistair had a night of unrequited passion after Allistair proposed marriage. Then as soon as morning came the party went out and hunted down the wizard to his lair in the mountain ranges just east of the Mere of Dead Men. Eventually the party battled their way through the underground fortified lair of the wizard and confronted him in his study room and Umara and Allistair got into a magical battle with him while the rest of the party fought off his minions. The two won but Allistair was mortally wounded and died in Umara's arms. Eventually a grief stricken Umara parted ways with her adventuring friends.

Grief stricken and alone, Umara returned to Bezantur,Priador for a while. The while turned out to be a longer stay than she expected as in a few weeks she would realize she was pregnant. Not willing to risk the unborn child by traveling too much and wishing to ensure that her child at least had a stable home, Umara retired and took a position at a red wizard school to teach Evocation magic.

Nine months later Umara gave birth to a healthy baby girl whom she named Marianna or Maria for short. She poured all her love and affection into the child and allowed her little girl to grow and develop on her own terms within reason. To Umara's pleasant surprise Maria was very intelligent and by three was already reading fluently and by 4 could to a limited degree even write fluently as well.

This came to the attention to the red wizards and against Umara's objections had Maria tested for magical aptitude. She tested very high. To keep Maria from being taken away from her, Umara agreed to reluctantly train her daughter in the Art herself citing that her daughter would learn better under her tutelage. So every 6 months between the ages of 5 to 8 Maria was required to attend a meeting with a senior red wizard to show her progress as a red wizard. Maria always toned down her abilities though because she learned magic quickly, actually thriving on the training and the challenges that it provided. Although Maria did develop Spellfire ability early in life as well making it even more important for her to be careful with her abilities in front of the red wizards. The spellfire ability, while Maria learned to master it as quickly as her magic, frightened the little girl a little so she used it as little as possible.

By the time she was 7 Maria had already mastered basic Cantrip spells and was well on her way to learning Read Magic. She would master it just before she reached the age of 8 and was well on her way to becoming an Evoker like her mother. Maria did not want to become a red wizard though, sharing her mother's ideals and beliefs and largely growing to hate the backstabbing, deceitful life the red wizards seemed to live for. Especially when a necromancer named Shamar Grezznar in the service of Szass Tamm has wanted to get to Maria since she was 5 because of her potential. Even on one occasion he tried to send undead to kidnap her while she was on an errand for her mother. Fortunately Maria escaped.

Then one night, after Maria celebrated her 8th birthday and was given her first spellbook as a birthday present, Umara managed to smuggle both her and her daughter onto a ship at the docks of Bezantur. The ship was commanded by a family friend. And eventually the ship left Thay in the dead of night.

During her boat journey Maria polished off her wizarding skills and mastered all the new spells she had in her spellbook. After a few months the boat was forced to head to the city of Yhaunn after it collided with a shallow corral gouging a harmless hole on its side. But before they could reach the city the ship was hit by a severe storm. The already disabled ship did not stand a chance and eventually sank. But before the ship sank Maria's mother put her in the lifeboat just as a broken beam fell on both of them. Umara pushed Maria out of the way and into the lifeboat but was crushed by the beam. Just as she was about to die Umara barely casted a levitation spell that released and safely set the lifeboat away freeing Maria from the sinking ship.

The boat reached ashore, just south of Yhaunn. Now Maria bravely continues to live on to this day, surviving on her wits and if necessary her magic. And this is where her adventures begin!


It was merely a simple task. She did not know why she was delivering this large bag of smelly, rotted meat but it was a favor for Amik Azar. Earlier Amik had put the seven year old through a series of magical aptitude tests and was displeased, berating her for not trying hard enough. There were times that she wished she could show him that she actually could do better and was tempted to dazzle him with her Prestidigitations. But that would mean that the red wizards would take her away from mama and she did not want to do that.

Normally the hot and humid weather of Bezantur would not bother the little girl. But this bag was heavy. So she did her duty even though her back ached and she sweated all over. Nevertheless the brave little girl endured it.

Arriving at a dilapidated one story building she walked up to the front door and knocked. No answer. So she tried the door and had to drop the bag and use both hands and all her strength to open it. When she did open it she immediately regretted it. The stench almost turned her off. She had to reach into her backpack and light her torch which she kept in her backpack since it was completely dark inside and the windows were boarded up.

Then she heard the hissing sound and saw the glowing red eyes and the two approaching figures that she immediately recognized as gnolls. Biting her lower lip to keep it from trembling she said in a stuttering voice, "I brought dinner!"
Then she ran away towards home as fast as her little feet could take her.

Despite it being too lengthy a backstory for me to read up on at the moment I do like the concept. You have to understand that she would definitely have some negative impositions due to her age. Physical limitations that I may not necessarily turn into +/-'s but rather... "Now could a 9 year old girl do that?" Sort of thing.

I may even leave it up to your own judgement- the idea of playing such an underage girl means you have a drive to be held back in various forms. Otherwise you could make this same exact character- but older.

Man this game sounds right up my ally, however two posts a day is a bit much with me working an all. what about Kits and NWP are you using them?


Originally Posted by King of the Jakers View Post
But you could team up with an ornery disfigured dwarf!
How about we change Maria's background a bit? Suppose that while Umara was still adventuring in the Dalelands, she met your dwarf. Umara was a kindhearted, understanding woman who unlike her superiors and fellow red wizards, who often empathized with others and hated seeking others suffer? Suppose, and this is only a suggestion since I do not know your character's background, your dwarf ran afoul of an influential, and particularly sadistic red wizard who had his minions ambush and attempt to assassinate the dwarf in perhaps the most terrible and humiliating way as possible. Maybe this was how you got disfigured? But Umara somehow got wind of it but arrived too late before the ambushers severely beat and disfigure you. She killed the ambushers and made sure you reached the nearest temple for healing. During the ambush you were stabbed in the back with a poisoned knife and this is when she modified the potion to be used as a narcotic to help cure you. It was your family who compensated Umara, against her wishes, for her sacrifice and the two of you have been friends who occasionally did business together since Umara was a potions master and healing potions were one of her specialties.

Just about over 8 years after Umara returned to Thay, you got a private message from Umara. She has told you of her and her daughter's plight and arranged for Maria to be smuggled out of Thay on a ship at Bezantur's docks. If anything happened to her, she asked you to be her daughter's guardian. Concerned, and knowing what ship that was to be used, you convinced the captain, who was a close friend of both you and Umara, to allow you to come along to the trip to Thay. After days of travel you arrived in Bezantur, in the dead of night, where Umara and her daughter Maria were waiting. Although Maria was asleep in her arms, apparently the victim of a sleeping potion, slipped in her drink by her mother. Umara, against your better judgement, convinced you to take her with you but Umara decided to stay behind to mislead and act as decoy to protect Maria. She said she will arrange to meet up with you at a specific time and place.

It never happened. A few months after the ship left Bezantur with Maria on board, you learned that Umara was dead, stabbed in the back with a poisoned knife while in battle with Aznar Thrul's minions. Her death devestated Maria and it took a while for her to recover. Now a year later, Maria has become like a daughter to you, although it is more like an uncle-favourite neice relationship. Maria in some ways is the spitting image of her mother, save for her reddish brown hair and being more Waterdhavian than Mulan. She is as kind and empathic as her mother and has a keen mind and a sarcastic wit which her mother was notorious for.

What do you think?


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