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Let's Play Guild Wars 2!!

So far, I've found the game surprisingly fun. I played World of Warcraft in vanilla because, well, I enjoyed Warcraft 1, 2, and 3 (though less 3, since they took out navies), but I soon got bored. (Kill X _______ and collect Y ________ and get ______ XP.) GW2, ultimately, does a lot of the same thing, but they seem to disguise it better. Leavening that with a ton of world events that kick off either randomly or when certain conditions are filled, I find it an enjoyable way to pass the time. Further, the World versus World combat is, simply put, fun.

I tried Star Wars: The Old Republic because a good friend of mine really wanted to play, and we intended to play it together. The story itself was OK (though I was never big into Star Wars) and the end game simply... lacked. After they failed to implement ranked warzones in 1.1(?) after it had been promised, right up until 12 hours before the release of the patch, myself and many of my friends simply left. Again, lack of end-game content.

Now I'm in GW2, leveling isn't something I'm "grinding out", but it seems to me to be a rather natural process that is secondary to me "enjoying the game". I have the skills that I want, I can rock and roll and do well in WvWvW or the warzones, and everything else just seems to be "fluff" to me. I would worry about having not seen the "end game" content yet, but, since you can do WvWvW and warzones right from the get go, and continue to do them all the way through, I already feel comfortable in my purchase of the game.

Originally Posted by Powderhorn View Post
I would worry about having not seen the "end game" content yet, but, since you can do WvWvW and warzones right from the get go, and continue to do them all the way through, I already feel comfortable in my purchase of the game.
Hopefully this won't kill your good vibe, but there is no end game content. It's not like WoW where most people say the game begins at level 80. In GW2 the content is level 1 - 80 and that's that. There are of course the dungeons and what not, but there is no raiding scenarios or kill this boss to get such and such gear. ANet mentioned that, while there is some unique "end game" gear, it is almost entirely just an appearance thing. The "end game" is really the PVP.

Honestly? That makes me feel better about the game. I hated the idea of re-running the same PvE content to get an extra +1 to _______ stat. Frankly, once I hit 80, I want my only big "sweat" to be focused on the WvWvW content, and "How do I make my character look satisfactory to me?" *Hint: It involves rifles that look like proper rifles.

The closest the game comes to "end game" is the Orr area, which is supposed to be just one huge set of flowing dynamic events, where players have to work together to fight to take and hold parts of the map against constant PvE excursions.

Also, there's a big focus on aesthetic gear. The rarest gear in the game is the exact same strength as the rank down, but has a unique aesthetic look.

I can agree with Greyfeld there. But it was like that in the last game too sometimes. Obsidian Armour looked extremely badass and was considered end game by some. I don't know about the rest of you but I'm rather excited to see what add-on's they release for this. Anyone want to place bets on what they may be?

Been playing a warrior for about 11 lvls now.

So far, much more resilient than the thief and I am enjoy the versatility.

However, I am afraid that the Thief probably pays more off at higher lvls.

Another question regarding the game, do you ever get new or improved combat skills or you keep the same until lvl 80?

After level 30, the only thing you get is your trait points and skill points. However, these do play a massive role. Every 5 points in a line nets you a new ability (each level divisible by 10, you get a selectable one that can be changed any time out of combat).

One thing I can't answer is if there is a use for skill points after you have unlocked all of your profession's skills. I know in GW1 it took them a while to finally have an outlet for them.

Also, don't knock Warrior's too badly. My friend set up his Warrior with a rifle and nets a 97% crit chance on the burst skill (in PvP, the actual warrior is only like level 14). 2k+ damage in a single shot is pretty hefty.

You do gain access to the elite skills at level 30, and can have more of you utility skills unlocked at once at 5/10/15, but you have access to the same ones once you unlock them, there is nothing stopping you from unlocking the last tier skills at level 5 other than the fact that you won't have the skill points to progress that far, but it is theoretically possible. Traits go a way to making up for it, often adding extra effects, with some only been available at the highest tier slot (I think that is level 60). but the effects of traits are to make complement your weapon with stat boosts, and other subtle effects (eg, I gain a few seconds of regeneration if my health drops below 75%, useful, but not amazing, but it's saved my life on more than one occasion, helping me last that little bit longer).

You use most of the same skills through the game, and it was intended like that, they wanted everyone to be able to do everything, but left a few restrictions in for those that like progression, but there are still some options you unlock as you level up, just not as many as in other games.

If you want to find out what classes are like later on, drop into the PvP, they bring anyone there up to level 80, and give you all equivalent gear (it's been said before, but I'll say it again, playing lots doesn't give you better gear, it gives you better looking gear), once your finished browsing the runes to find the set you want, and your chosen weapon, there are some targets around you can test them on. True, they aren't the best targets, but there are a a couple that fight back, again, not the best to compare to PvE, but it might help compare some of the options you get at higher levels. And I've said it twice already, not the best comparison, the enemies and skills available are only those used in PvP, and the challenges aren't the same, but it MIGHT help. And if nothing else, the PvP is also fun (depending on your point of view) and one the larger parts of the end game stuff.

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