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Let's Play Guild Wars 2!!

My guild (League of Guildcraft) and myself will be playing on the Dragonbrand server. Dranor Kunoram will be my main (Charr Necromancer), though I may also be running around with an Asura ranger.

The Vergil reference for Guardian is way off, though.

If anyone decides they want to join up for some gaming, you can add me.


EDIT: I might join Tarnished Coast just cause well, I have no other plans and some fellow Weavers would be nice to have around.

Originally Posted by Kaitou Kage View Post
This image might help you get an understanding of what you'll be getting into:

Definitely give a class a try before you decide whether or not you like it. I have never enjoyed the Warrior type in most MMOs but when I played Warrior in GW2 it was really fun. Same thing with Necromancers. I wasn't fond of Warlocks in WoW or Necros in GW1 but GW2 necros are crazy fun.

The main thing to remember is most of the classes that look familiar on the surface are much different in GW2 because the nature of the gameplay is different from most other MMOs. Thieves do not play like the WoW-formula rogue. Guardians are not the same as WoW paladins.

Also remember that any class can fill any role. I have made a Necromancer who is support-focused, and a Ranger that does melee damage. GW2 roles play in a very different box from WoW, so keep that in mind when trying things out

Also, the Avatar reference and the Nightcrawler reference are spot on.
Yeah, the thief one is definitely spot-on. I played a human thief a little bit, and the teleporting around was my favorite part of the class. Love having a mobility-based rogue, instead of a perma-stealth rogue.

If I buy it, I'm thinking of playing a human mesmer, just because I want the butterflies. I also considered a guardian, but meh. Not enough glamor.

Well, I'll be on Piken Square, the unofficial EU Roleplay server. I go by Inscribed.SomenumberIdonotrememberbutwillfindsoon. Will be getting online as close to opening as I can, hopefully right on. Depends on how the day goes, though...

Sea of Sorrows for me. It'll be nice if they do end up releasing it 3 hours early, but I'll be awake either way as I mostly play with Australians.

Gate of Madness here, and I'll be playing either a Norn Guardian or Sylvari Ranger at first (they were the 2 favorites from the beta). I'll spend most of me early time in PvE, later spending time in PvP and WvWvW. I'll certainly be checking often near launch to see if I can get in early, and took the next 2 weeks off work so I can play.

I just hope my client downloads fast enough. I barely got my new computer up and running today, so I have to download the client from scratch.

Ahh damn, that will take a while, especially with so many people getting ready for the headstart.


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