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Let's Play Guild Wars 2!!

Another big thumbs up for the down leveling. One of my story mission, I had to get a friend, a much higher level, to come down and help me. The mission had been kicking my tail for days.

Unless your not going to a much lower level zone, you probably wouldn't steamroll everything anyway, I'd say you keep about 2/3 of what makes you powerful when down-scaled by 15+ levels, you've still got the same weapon skills, you keep your utility and elite skills, so if you do go to a area where people of that level haven't unlocked all of them yet, your still more powerful, and you keep your gear, and all the stats it provides, which is probably half of the most import stat for you build. You really only loss your natural stats and a bit of health when down-scaled, you keep most of the powerful stuff.
As it is, a level 15 zone is easier for a level 15 player than a level 70 zone for a level 70 player, so by the time you get up to the higher levels, you'll also be a better player (in theory). And as was mentioned, if you enter a lower level zone, you don't also get scaled down to quite that level, if a level 70 player entered a level 15 zone, they might only get scaled down to level 17, so they are still more powerful, plus all the boosts I mentioned above.
As an example, as I said in my last post, I'm level 80 now, but I was passing through a started zone, and while traveling, occasionally would just shoot enemies in my path because they have a slow effect (cripple, chill, immobilize, etc) and it is faster than running round them, but in one case, I was traveling through the level 6 part oft he zone, and I was able to 2-3 hit every non veteran enemy, I don't know about you, but I'd still call that steam rolling them. As it was, my attacks were fairly fast firing, so I didn't even have to stop and shoot, and since I'd drawn my weapon, if I switched, I get swiftness as an added bonus, so if anything, I went even faster.

I unlocked all my weapon skills before level 10. Maybe it would be different with a fighter or elementalist, who have loads of them, but it really isn't that hard. I am currently a dagger/dagger thief, with pistol/pistol when melee attacks are suicide lvl 20, and I really like it. I'm a bit squishy, but I learned how to dodge, and against one to three enemies it really works great.

I didn't unlock my last 1 until level 40, namely, underwater spear combat, and that was because I finally found a decent spear to use, in the past I'd just stuck with my harpoon gun. On the plus side, it unlocks the skills about 1 an enemy if you are killing high level enemies like that.

You can unlock all your Elementalist skills by about level 10 or 11 if you make a point to unlock them - possibly sooner. This is only land-based skills, not underwater skills.

I hit 80 last night! (Hurray!) Did it by uncovering the waypoint below Lyssa's temple in the Malchor's Step. I really love those zones. No hearts but constant event running. It's what makes the game great for me, that flow and feel that things are happening. Now if only the High Priest of Lyssa event chain wasn't bugged!

Anyway now I'm having option paralysis on what I want to do! Until now I had a pretty solid goal of getting my main to 80. Now I can't decide what's best. I could play him more (I haven't touched Orr and I still need to do every dungeon past Caudecus's Manor). I could finish my crafting skills. I could level an alt. I could use my main to go farm some cool mats and/or skins for my alts. I could farm karma for a big, awesome set. So much to do and I'm not sure which thing to do next @_@

I hit 80 a couple of nights ago. I got to 74 and was just bummed on questing, and I really wanted those last six levels. An hour and 300 ranks in cooking later, I was 80!

Now I have a few things that I want to do at some point in the future:

1. Gear out my warrior (Powderhorn)
2. Get some "real" crafting abilities "up there"
3. Complete a dungeon (Haven't done one yet)
4. Win a arena tournament
5. Level an Engineer
6. Get some gold to trade for gems

I am going to spend some time getting my Leatherworking and Huntsman skills to 400, possibly fully explore the Malchor's Step. Then I'm going to start leveling one of my alts. Maybe my Elementalist or Necromancer.

I think I've decided on my Elementalist as my main (for now); he's only level 20 now, but I'm having fun bringing him up.

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