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Let's Play Guild Wars 2!!

My asura D/D rogue does a lot of jumping around. I tend to spam Death Blossom between dodges and slipping in and out of stealth. I tried the sword on the ranger, and I didn't like it. I felt like I was doing a lot of dancing around, and not very much actual damage.

Speaking of rangers though, I pounded out about 70 levels in my leatherworking today, and now my ranger's got 3 level 80 rares to her name. I was going to skip rares and go straight for exotics, but then I realized I'd need a ton of ectoplasms for it, so I decided to go with the rares until I can scrape up the materials I need for the exotics. Plus, it gives me more crafting levels in the process. I'm just shy of 400 now.

I also decided to change up my stat layout. I was going with Ravager gear (power/precision/condam) until now, but I'm hurting in the survivability department, so all my new gear is Carrion gear (power/vitality/condam). Pick up a few sigils of the undead to supplement my gear with extra condam and some toughness. It also meant respeccing, because I was deep in the crit tree.

I've respecced a couple of times. I'm stuck with non-craftable gear for my ideal equipment (condamage, precision, toughness), so I'm a bit behind. Jewelry is the one exception because there is no exotic jewelry with that attribute combination.

Soooo not happy about all the mats and money I wasted today.

After about an hour and a half of farming one of the broken events in Cursed Shore, I decided to go make my first exotic (yay 400 leatherworking!!). The first thing I made was a pair of Carrion gloves, which I realized wasn't the piece I needed to make (I made the rare version just yesterday, so the upgrade was very very small.); what I really needed to make was a pair of shoulderguards, since I was still running around in level 60 blue shoulderpads.

So, annoyed at my failed diligence, I listed the gloves on the TP, made about a gold and a half, and went back to craft my shoulderguards. Unfortunately, I was 2 ectos short, so I had to buy them. 28 silver, no problem, I have that kinda cash.

So, I make the shoulderguards, I'm looking over the stats, and I'm like "oh right, don't forget to use your black lion salvage kit on the old pads, to get your rune out of them." So, I pop my salv kit, dest my shoulderguards, and i get 2 ectos out of it. And I think to myself, "That's weird, why would I get ectos out of a level 60 blue-- ... wait..."


*Sighs* So, I bit the bullet and shelled out another 75-ish silver for the materials I needed to craft it AGAIN, because I'm stubborn that way, and I didn't have the time to go out and farm some more.

I don't know where my brain was at, but it cost me materials and money.

For armor, I'm just going to do dungeons to get the exotic sets that I want. Weapons, I've been surprised that the Mystic weapons have been exactly the stat distributions I've been wanting.

I like the changes they made to the daily and monthly achievements. Now daily achievement grants you a jug of liquid karma, and the monthly gives you 10 of them. Each jug grants you 4500 karma, which is effected by buffs (like the karma boost from the black lion store, and the guild karma boost banners).

That sounds amazing. It will make grinding for high tier fashion better. I'm hoping to have the game inside of a week. Can't wait to hop on and get a piece of the action.

I'm getting damn tired of the BS moderations from the official GW2 forum.

Twice, I got moderated for "making posts that don't contribute to the discussion" or some garbage, both of which I sent in emails about to the address they gave me, to get the marks wiped from my record (both moderations in question were for replying directly to a post in each thread, both times trying to refute something stupid somebody said, and both times with a civil and polite tone). Of course, this never happened because they never replied to my emails.

And now, when I actually DID make a comment that could be construed as rude or unnecessary (I told somebody to stop being ADD, which I suppose somebody could take offense to), I have those other stupid nonsensical marks on my record, which force me into a forum suspension.

It's ridiculous. They hit you with an infraction for the tiniest verbal rebuff (imagined or otherwise), then don't even allow you to properly inquire about the infraction, or request a repeal. And while you're suspended, you can't even look at the forums. You literally have to log out of the forums in order to read them when you're on suspension, otherwise all links will direct you to your inbox.

Hey gang. How do you like GW2 this far along after release? I am tempted to buy it, but I'm trying to learn as much about it, etc, as I can before I jump the gun. I believe there's a huge bot problem at the moment? Not to say that bots aren't a problem for mmos in general.

Well, I remember seeing about 20 or so in one place while cruising around Frostgorge Sound. That was pretty darn weird and off-putting. So yeah, lots of bots around. I still enjoy the game, but it was a little less exciting then I had hoped, for several reasons. I find the crafting system to be a usual source of meh and bleh, and there are/where to many bugs about. The Personal Story line is ok, with some parts that are total rubish and some that are golden. I've mostly done it from a Charr perspective, but my favorite was actually one with the Sylvari. A certain warden just charmed me dead, she did.

But combat does feel more alive and interesting then the usual MMO I am used to.

Botting is a problem, but in GW2, it doesn't affect anyone else's enjoyment (other than looking weird). Kill-stealing is non-existant, thanks to the xp and loot systems and even if bots mine all of the resource nodes, you can still access them as they are present separately for each player.

The personal story has definite high points and low points, as well as a couple of "wtf" moments (namely when a certain sylvari is introduced, if you aren't a sylvari yourself).

As an aside, I just completed the story mode for Arah last night and holy crap does it feel epic! I've seen folks complain that the last fight is just hitting 2 over and over, but there is a lot more to it than that.

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