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Let's Play Guild Wars 2!!

It's almost impossible to get into the WvW action on my server. You guys having any luck with that?

I haven't tried yet. Been trying different classes to see what all I want to play besides my engineer.

I've been playing a thief, so far I do pretty good as long as I fight 1 enemy at the time.

More than 1 enemy at the time or enemies with range attack pretty much own me all the time.

Yesterday I logged out after dying 10 times in a row against Doc Howler. (I tried every weapon combination and still can't beat her.)

I've been having problems around level 10-12 as well (thief and elementalist). I think it's just a different combat system than I'm used to and I have to get used to moving more in PvE.

I'm trying out the ele right now, and I was struggling until I started playing an aoe-centric build. Yesterday I accidentally aggroed 3 spiders and a stag all at the same time, but through a bit of circle-kiting and pounding on the aoes, I manage to beat the hell out of them without even going below half health.

Elementalist is very squishy, so you really have to kite around, avoiding getting hit whenever possible. I don't know about dagger thief, but my pistol thief was the same way. He couldn't go toe-to-toe with anything, but he had plenty of cripples and teleports to make sure he never stayed in melee range for very long.

Some fights are definitely stressful. The dodge system is the first thing to get used to. A lot of stronger bosses and boss fights require a lot of dodging and abilities that will back you off. Bring strong heals, evasion abilities, or strong stuns.

I had a fight that I spent hiding behind an NPC that joined the battle (so he was tanking the ranged attacks for me), otherwise there was no way I would have survived.

As for groups, I have met some kind people, and if I was more social I could definitely group with them. I think I just don't feel a need to. I have my guild, and they are my buddies I run with. So these people that help on missions are at max, acquaintances. Sometimes we talk, sometimes we don't bother. Still, the game gets done, and we move forward.

My laptop is trembling in either anticipation, or because of the installation.

Went ahead and bought it. Who wants to start a character with me once I've got it installed?

One thing to remember is that the idea behind Guild Wars 2, one of them at least, was to get rid of the idea of the "Holy Trinity". Having a tank, healer, and DPSer isn't necessary at all in this game. Not only that, but you can pretty much build your character however you want stat wise regardless of your class. I currently play a Thief who can tank multiple enemies and also criticals on every hit. My base damage isn't as high as someone who has high Power, but I can essentially just sit there and whittle away 4+ mobs.

The only constraint here is that you really do have to play into the way you've built, and some builds can seriously inhibit other styles of play. That and as you get a higher level you really have to start getting into the habit of switching your weapon sets from one battle to the next. Same with skills, and your 10 rank trait slots.

wubwub is so annoying when everyone on your server doesn't do anything but run around and die

Yeah, my Mesmer is 11 now and he's got two very different weapon sets: Dual swords, and Wand/Torch. Depending on the kind of enemy, I definatly switch up the set I'm using.

I also love the Mantra abilities, and have both the heal and single target damage ones on my bar.

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