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Freedom of Choice

Never Split the Party - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e
Estimated Members Requested: 5

More basic info
In this game you will be a split personality, you will have a 'player' and a 'character' the player can be based off you, or, if you have the same skillset as D&D characters, the 'character' can be based off you. Or neither.

The 'player' is basically the group sitting at the board. They can talk to each other, plan some moves, make fourth wall breaking jokes, and more of that.
The 'character' is your real character, who will be entirely stuck in the world, personality-wise and background wise. While this character can use knowledge gained from the 'player', you aren't allowed to break the fourth wall, unless you do it in a great way.

The game is entirely free to choose and develop, and for that reason I have chosen not to develop the world until you walk around through it. As is the playstyle. You can be a group of good guys, bad guys, politicians, or something entirely different. You could even do nothing, starve to death, and reroll all the time.

Your 'kind' and 'merciful' DM
Hello to all. If your eyes work you've probably already read that my name is Kerim. I am just trying to create a fun world for me and you to play around in. My way of DMing is probably a bit different than that of most people, which some people will like, and others won't. You are always allowed to step out if you just tell me first, and there are no hard feelings. Unless you ask real nicely, though, I won't let you come back.

Like all other DM's my alignment is Neutral Evil, with tendencies to both Lawful and Chaotic. I won't kill you all with unfair battles, but there are chances of your character dying.

While I am creative enough to write an entire story, my D&D skillz aren't that great, so it might be that sometimes my rules are a bit rusty. While you are allowed to take advantage of it, I would really like it if you tried and help me a little.

What I'm looking for.
I'm looking for a group of nice players who want to go into a campaign where there are no rails restraining you, where humor is highly rated, just like creativity. While I allow several close-to-gamebreaking things, and you are encouraged to try and find some way to get past me with some things, I will not allow you to completely break the game. Which means no pun-pun, no alter self to something close to invincible (while you may do so, one of the gods is 'Deus Maximus' (DM), who will smite you), and I trust you to know why.

Also, while arguing with me is allowed if I make stupid decisions, If I state something's final, no more talk.

I am also looking for a CO-DM, if anyone is interested. He/she can also be a character, but you'd also be a rules lawyer, helping me figure out some rules, and working with me on getting the players the challenge they need.

Well, I believe that was that. You can go to the forum above, and look at the various threads posted there, giving further information about character creation, homebrew rules, and more of the like.

Also, a final requirement for players:

The capability to have fun.

Game Description:

The premise is simple. One day you were just another person, living life just like every other person. You are just you, nothing special about you, until one day you and your local gaming group came together. The GM looked different than usual, and he told you that he had something entirely new planned. He had found a system on the internet that would make you far more connected to your characters.

As he handed you all dies the last your remember is a glowing darkness whirling around you, taking you in.

When you woke up you both have no memories and a lot of memories, both know a lot and nothing. You can both see the world around you, which is a world like many others have been described to you, a world which is still pure from fantasy, and you can see the small dim gaming table, where around you all the others are looking out of their eyes in a way as if their soul is no longer in their body.

You hear these words, sounding like the old DM, but darker, more evil. "This is now your world. You can get out, or stay in, your own choice. Your choices are your own. You can do everything you want, and if you die, you'll get reborn. I have merely two tips for you: Adventure is East, south is Rest, North is the least, Death is in the west. And secondly,



Split the party!

Returned after a long time away. Somewhat rusty; Can still kick ass.

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Oh.... My.... Gods.... YES!

*jumps up in the air and squeels like a giddy school boy*

*scratches the back of his head*

Did I mention the part where I was interested, or did you get the implication?

No, I didn't get it. Could you repeat it, please?

Either that, or you made me deaf with your squeeling.

...this is intriguing, to say the least. You have my interest. Don't kow if I'll manage to get something together, actually, but it is atleast something to think about.

What sort of deadline you looking at?

Minimum a week, maximum a week or three, depending on the amount of interested people and how busy life is.

Um.. Yes
Sign me up, color me interested, whatever it takes to get me on this train to awesomeville.
BTW, I'm interested.

*Takes the paint*

What colour is 'interested'?

Also, we don't go by plane. We go by magical dice. (That, coincidentally, are red and blue)

There is not enough "oh hell yes" in the world to describe my interest in this. Consider my application already submitted after undergoing 7 edits to appease my obsessive-compulsive brain (and awaiting an 8th).

Interested but if you don't mind me asking why don't you just do this free form? No books, no dice, no rule-lawyering, just good writing. Of course I'm good either way just wondering since you wrote "my D&D skillz aren't that great."


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