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Texas Geek says Hi!

Texas Geek says Hi!

Hey, everybody, I'm ITT_Guy_28. I'd actually joined this forum a good bit before this, but I hadn't really participated much. Hoping to change that, so see you guys around the boards!

Great to make your acquaintance good sir. welcome to the weave. We spin myths here.

HE DOES? *Takes a huge bite out of your shoulder* PEW PEW EWWWWWWW! YUCK! LIER PLUGSY :'(

Pew pew? Okay, so maybe he lied, but did you really have to shoot an 80's laser gun at him?

Welcome fellow Texan, nice to see you upon the weave. There are some mighty fine adventures out here in these parts, all ready to please that inner masochist..... Or something like that. Either way this is a grand community and one you'll come to hopefully enjoy and love.

That was my shadowrun silenced heavy pistol thank you very much! and yes! I did!


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