The Black Sepulchre (Apostasy Gambit)

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The Black Sepulchre [closed for new interest]

The Black Sepulchre - Forum
Dark Heresy
Estimated Members Requested: 4

Announcement: Closed for new interestClosed for new interest

We've had plenty of good applicants, so I'm closing this for new interest. If you've posted your interest but not yet finished your sheet, you can still do it... but I recommend doing it ASAP.

The Black Sepulchre

Hello, and welcome!

You can see the game description below.

The character creation topic is here.

IC thread is here, for those who want to take a quick glance already.

After describing the game, stating what I require and posting a sample of what's to come... I don't really know what more to write here. Feel free to ask questions, clarifications and the like! Don't forget to mention if you're interested in the co-gm position.

Game Description:

The Black Sepulchre is the first adventure of the Apostasy Gambit trilogy (the other two being Church of the Damned and The Chaos Commandment) by Fantasy Flight Games. The whole trilogy spans many months and many ranks, as the acolytes develop from fresh recruits to determining fate of the sector... it's epic beyond words.

I recently ran this whole campaign to a live group (taking them from the second rank to the edge of ascension over a couple of months of active gaming). It went really well but I couldn't help but feel "If I ever ran this section again, I'd want to put a bit more emphasis on that part..." and that kind of stuff. I've also been thinking that I want to get back to PbP GMing, so... here we are.

The Apostasy Gambit consists of three books, each of which is divided into three or four chapters:
The Black Sepulchre starts with a bang, as the acolytes participate in a raid on a corrupt aristocrat's mansion. After that there is some good old fashioned investigation and finally exploring a large, abandoned complex. I wouldn't call it hack'n'slash but it's certainly action-oriented and relatively linear.
The Church of the Damned is full of intrigue and tactics as acolytes have to go undercover to investigate very prestigious organizations and track down very infamous criminal.
The Chaos Commandment is a demon hunt in a sector torn by civil war. There is everything from leading open assaults to infiltration, with a quite a nice bit of horror mixed into everything.

As mentioned earlier, I will make some minor modifications based on my experience on already having ran this campaign once... but in general, I will go more or less by the book. If someone is interested, I'd love to have a backup-GM/co-GM to ensure that everything goes smooth and reliable (=me having to be away a few days wouldn't halt the game, players would have more security against the infamous PbP GM burnout, etc.). This could be one of the players or just a spectator.

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Expressing interest; let me think about a character concept. What's your recruitment timeline?

EDIT: Also, what sources are allowed?

Originally Posted by Mythrantar View Post
Expressing interest; let me think about a character concept. What's your recruitment timeline?
Heya, Mythrantar!

Timeline depends on the amount of interest, really. When I have received a couple of complete characters and am thinking "I could go with these", I'll close for new interest and ask those who've just expressed interest if they're still interested and how soon they could submit their characters.

Probably at least a couple of days, probably no more than this week... but I'm afraid I can't say for certain.

Originally Posted by Mythrantar View Post
EDIT: Also, what sources are allowed?
I prefer the core book mostly because I'm not familiar with all the side products there might be... but that's not a restriction set in stone. Stuff like sisters of battle or alternative ranks from the book of judgement are certainly canon and in general I'll probably show green light to more or less all official sources. Just ask first.

Thanks for the clarifiction. The Inquisitor's Handbook, Blood of Martyrs and Daemon Hunter have a lot of cool stuff that would fit the story.

Expressing interest as well I could easily have a application done later today.

Expressing interest. It warms my cold heart seeing all these 40k games on the Weave. I'll think more about a character today. Probably scum, they remind me of me.

Heya, Hargoth!

Glad to hear. We're not in that big hurry, but if you have the time and inspiration already today, go ahead!


Also greetings to Voth! A scum, eh? I'm glad this is a PbP game, so you can't steal my dice. >:|

Don't tempt me. I've been know to find ways. Definitely going to make a former ganger. I'll start fleshing him out today.

Edit: just so I have a better idea of the setting, are we fresh recruits? Have we met each other before?

Odd you should say that Voth I was kinda thinking something along the lines, just because I took Justice not Law with my char so he possibly might have met some scum in his day. It would certainly make for a interesting background.


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