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Los Angeles by Night

Los Angeles By Night - Forum
Vampire: Masquerade
Estimated Members Requested: 3

Hello, some of you know me, others do not. I am a big Freeformer, as many know, but I am a fan of VtM, with caveats, as well. The story or the atmosphere is what captivates me most for any game, movie, and so forth. VtM has a very enticing atmosphere.

While I am the GM of this game, I am running it a little more like a cooperative story. I am not revealing the main-plot, but otherwise I am constantly making sure a player can give input on what happens and how he might like to have his character do things.

Also, an important note, this will not be a strict VtM system game. I took on the mantle of GM after the previous GM pulled a vanishing act. If I had started this game, it would have been freeform. In this case, it is not, but its very rules light. I've only had a player make a roll once so far. The rest has been pure roleplaying.

The game is light on combat and heavy on roleplaying. There is mystery, some intrigue, lots of PC/NPC interactions, and room for more. I and the current players are wanting more diversity, thus why I've opened this up to new players. I do not advise heavy combat PC's, as that is just not how this game is flowing. If your character is combat oriented, then they at least need to be fully capable in the social arena as well.

I am seeking at least 3 (maybe 4) new players.

Positions Open: 3 Ancilla or Neonate Vampires, and or 1 Gangrel Primogen (Elder). Each Vampire, Primogen aside, will be from Sacramento. They are not native to L.A. Only the Primogen is from L.A. Make backgrounds accordingly.

The Gangrel Primogen will be newly ascended to the position. Keep that in mind for background.

Gangrel Primogen Position Filled


The below is a list of things that I will only allow. Anything else will be denied.

-Players Book
-Guide to the Camarilla
-Maybe clan books (though I don't have them all).
-NO clans other than Camarilla clans please. I know everyone loves the exotic ones, but this game is not friendly to other clans. L.A. is slowly slipping towards a war and the Prince will not be so lenient with outsider's. Especially since just about every none-Camarilla clan hates and or abuses the Camarilla to their own benefit.

For Character Creation rules, see this thread - http://www.myth-weavers.com/showthread.php?t=181529

For Character creation comments, questions, etc, please direct your attention to this thread - http://www.myth-weavers.com/showthre...83#post6018983

Expected Posting Rate
Once or Twice a week. The game is a bit slow, which is fine. If you can post more, that is fine. I can post a varied amount a week based on sleep, school, work, etc.

Style of Gameplay

This game is more sandbox centric, but has a main story plot to participate in. The new vampires will be more involved in the main plot, due to necessity and plot hook, but can still branch out to do other things in the city. Other plots can be created as well.

Important notes

-I am downplaying Tremere magic, as I feel its entirely too powerful. Be aware that if you want to play a Tremere, it may not be worth it for you. Why then do I not just be rid of them? The campaign already had established Tremere, so instead I elected to just downplay the magic.

-A Gangrel Primogen position is open, but I will only accept a really good ap + good player. The last player Primogen's were not, in my opinion, cut out to play a Primogen. If I don't get the quality I want, I'll just NPC the primogen myself.

-The game forum is rather cluttered. Unfortunately it is a symptom of the game having been archived. I tried cleaning it up, but it didn't work very well due to cloned threads and so forth. Ignore the Main Thread Group. It will probably just confuse you.

Ignore the old game description. I wish I could edit it, but I don't know if its possible. This is my first time GMing under the new Game forum style, compared to the one MW had a few years back. The new Description below is up to date and relevant.

Game Description (New)

With the siring of a young Brujah, Becky Hart, L.A. is once more thrown out of balance. The largest city of the Golden state has existed in an uneasy peace between the Camarilla and the Anarch's. Both made an alliance against the Sabbat, and 8 years prior, beat back a savage invasion. Now all is threatened by a young Anarch Baron who mysteriously has called out a bloodhunt on the Camarilla Sheriff and former Brujah Primogen.

It is suspected that the sire of the young Becky, was a close friend or lieutenant of the young Baron Fausto, but that is unconfirmed. Even so, Fausto's rash behavior seems uncharacteristic. Another disturbing fact was discovered from a disillusioned Anarch Fausto is consorting with Giovanni for some unknown purpose. This chilling fact has led the Prince to sanction a kill or capture order on the Giovanni in an attempt to end the potential Giovanni threat and find out what their purpose in the city is.

Prince of L.A., Prospero Colonna, has sent out a message to the Prince of Sacramento, Derrek Herschel, asking for aid. Herschel has decided to provide the aid asked for and is sending some of his most promising Kindred down to help keep L.A. in Camarilla hands. With this aid, Prince Colonna hopes to quickly resolve the problems brewing, and bring L.A. back to the calm established 8 years ago.

Game Description:

Los Angeles by Night
A Vampire: the Masquerade Sandbox Game


A new order has risen in the city. The mysterious neonate who dethroned the corrupt Prince Sebastian Le Croix chose to continue Camarilla rule in the city, then set off for points unknown. The Primogen council ruled for over 8 years before the Inner Council set one of the highest ranking Elders in Europe over the city: Prospero Colonna, a shadowy figure who has never held a formal title in the Camarilla, but who has an unparalleled network of spies, contacts, and informants across the world and in every sect. Under this new regime, many vampires, both anarch and Camarilla, hope to make their fortunes.


This is a Vampire: the Masquerade game set 8 years after the events of the video game Vampire: the Masquerade - Bloodlines. I, Forosus XVI, will act as your humble referee. I say referee, and not storyteller, because this will be a sandbox style game. I will set up various locales in Los Angeles where players can interact, develop their own plots, and otherwise get up to mischief. Of course, I will be setting up my own plots too, though with rare exceptions, you don't have to participate in them if you'd rather not. Players are free to submit to me their own plots, and if approved may run them. As referee I will also assist in creating or running any NPCs you want or need to interact with, either casually or as part of plots.

My intention for this game is to be high on roleplaying and use of non-combat related skills, and low on fights and brawls (especially between players.)

The umbral darkness encases me. Bathing me in a chilling, loving embrace. Darkness blinds. Darker than blackest night. I feel a change. My eyes, they churn, I cringe. I can see. The beautiful umbral invites me to enjoy all of its delights - I accept.

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Definitely interested. It's been a fair bit since I've played any Vampire (and even longer since playing oWoD Vampire), but from the sound of it, crunch isn't a big concern. Which is a plus for me. I've never much cared for crunch anyway.

I have a few ideas bouncing around in my head concerning the Gangrel primogen, but I'm not exactly sure if any of them will be a good fit. I also have a couple of other character concepts I've wanted a chance to try out for a while now. How do you feel about multiple applications?

Your fine Arkaym. I'm more interested in your writing ability and what kind of a character concept you come up with. Since this is going to be a dice-light game, you don't need to know the system super well. I or others, can help with any questions you have.

Multiple applications are fine. I'll only be picking one, most likely. I will not guaranteed more. Will play it by ear.

Important Note: Since this is my first time GMing a VtM game, I didn't realize how much there is in this world - clans, disciplines, etc. So to keep my sanity and ability to properly and fairly deal with things, I will be limiting the available material to the books listed below, with possible (within reason) exceptions.

Please note that this is not a slight against anyone. This was my own lack of experience. I can't deal with the breadth of concepts appropriately. It wouldn't be fair to anyone if I did it any other way.

-Players Book
-Guide to the Camarilla
-Maybe clan books (though I don't have them all).
-NO clans other than Camarilla clans please. I know everyone loves the exotic ones, but this game is not friendly to other clans. L.A. is slowly slipping towards a war and the Prince will not be so lenient with outsider's. Especially since just about every none-Camarilla clan hates and or abuses the Camarilla to their own benefit.

Thank you for your understanding.

I am familiar with OWOD. I never really played NWOD much. I will get an application up tomorrow.

How long will you be accepting applications? I'm interested, but it's been years since I've thought about vampire, let alone looked at the books. I've been playing FATE in the mean time so my narrative skills are still sharp (as they ever get if you catch my drift) but I'd like time to look at the books and come up with a character. I'm leaning toward the neonate if no one else has grabbed that spot. I'll have more time Tuesday to dig into things.

There isn't a strict timeline. I don't want it to take forever, but yet I can't imagine a deadline at the moment. For now, I'll be keeping this open until I get the applications I want or I don't. I might change my mind later. So don't feel rushed to get the feel for it again. Take your time. I am busy with school and what not, so I am not going to rush anyone.

Oh god. My roleplaying started with a couple of years of VtM in story-based, mostly GM-less IRC (=chat) chronicle... This brings back memories.

One thing that I can't seem to wrap my mind around, though... Why did you reduce knowledges to four? It doesn't seem to be in the spirit of VtM's kinda-realistic-ish system that skills like computer and medicine are grouped as the same skill, it kinda breaks the character creation process (It's illegal to choose knowledges as the primary skill - you can't sink all 13 points into 4 skills without breaking the 3-per-skill rule... and I don't think anyone wants to choose it as a secondary skill either) and I just don't see what's the gain. As someone who has often taken knowledge as the primary or secondary category (hackers, doctors, business men) I'm slightly put off by that.

Othen than that, I'll probably try find the time to create an application.

As I stated in the ad, I took over the game when the previous GM vanished. Meaning I did not make that rule. If you wish to ignore it, go for it. I don't see anything wrong with the change the previous GM made to knowledges, so anyone else can use it if they like. This is a low-dice game, so it shouldn't be a huge issue either way.

As a current player I'd like to say that Dalara runs a great story and took up the mantle of this game when it was in it's death throes.

She's given it great attention and has an excellent flair for setting the scene in a manner reflective of the lore and 'The World of Darkness'. Characters seem real and have their own motivations for the actions they take.

It's been a great deal of fun.


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