The Coming Storm

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The Coming Storm

Naruto D20: The Coming Storm - Forum
Naruto D20
Estimated Members Requested: 3

The Setting:

You are the graduating class of the Konoha Academy in the bicentennial since the 4th Great Shinobi War. Tensions are high among the five nations and war seems once again on the horizon, much to everyone's dismay, and alliances, both old and new, are frantically being forged in preperation for the coming times. Genin teams are being sped through their training, often taking the chuunin exams as rookies despite the dangers in hopes of finding the diamonds in the rough while new powers rise up across the continent unopposed by the nervous villages. With the world once again descending into chaos, what place shall you take on the stage? Will you save the world from war, or end up being its cause? The choice, as always, is yours...

Players: 3

I'd like there to be at least one jinchuuriki, as it would facilitate the story, but it isn't required. Kyuubi, however, is off-limits.


Character Creation:

40 point buy

Hit Points are max for the first three levels then halved for the rest.

We will be using standard wealth rules.

Bonus Starting Feats: Start with Genin, your choice of Nin Weapon Proficiency or Archaic Weapon Proficiency and the bonus armor proficiency feat for your class.

Techniques: 1d4+(1/level from 1-5 and 2/level on 6) this gives a total of 1d4+7 techniques for level 6 characters. In addition, techniques are restricted to mostly E/D class, though some C-class will be allowed. Just don't go overboard with them.

Bloodlines and Templates: No corpsewalker, immortal or ungodly descendance. Powerful bloodlines are allowed but weaker bloodlines are given preference. Jinchuuriki can't have bloodlines or other templates. For cursed seal, no starting with it but you can let me know if you want it and I'll work it into the story. Starting element will be random and will include advanced chakra natures, which won't be counted as bloodlines when referring to restrictions. The table and rules for this is below, so feel free to roll here.

Roll for you're element if you roll Advanced Chakra Nature you can choose to keep it or roll again this represents styles like Hyouton, Mokouton, Jinton, Enton, Shoton, Ranton, Youton and Futton. If you keep the Advanced Chakra Nature you gain no other elements after character creation and you must roll one more time at this point if you managed to hit A.C.N twice in a row you gain yet another elemental combination.

For those who land on A.C.N roll a 1d5 to decide you're base element using the second set of numbers marked 1-5 to decide the results. I will then make random rolls to decide the rest of you're elements and during the team's paper element test you will find out the results.

1-10 Fuuton (1)
11-30 Raiton (2)
31-45 Suiton (3)
46-60 Doton (4)
61-95 Katon (5)
96-100 Advanced Chakra Nature

Using Alternative Jinchuuriki Rules by Infinitus with the following adjustments: Demonic Speed, Demonic Strength and Increased Ability Score each cost 100 JGP.
Jinchuuriki start with no JGP and haven't contacted their Bijuu, though they may be aware of it.


Applications: Please place these in the appropriate thread in the forum. For backgrounds, there are no length requirements but I'd like to get a feeling for your character and who they are. Any plot hooks are a bonus.


Let me know if I forgot anything and I shall add it ASAP.


Game Description:

It's been 200 years since the end of the 4th Great Shinobi War and old hostilities are rekindling. As new forces move into play a new generation of genin enter the world. With the world descending into chaos long hidden clans emerge from the shadows and centuries old machinations are revealed. Will the new generation be able to withstand the coming days or will they be destroyed in the pursuit of power?

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That's perfectly fine. There's plenty of people who I'm sure are willing to help, myself included. Feel free to ask any questions you might have.

I've been most interested in this system in the past but never had an opportunity, I'll gladly throw something together *nods*

Interested, but have not played the system yet. Tried making characters with children last year, w/o success. Hopefully can get a better grasp over the weekend.

Several initial questions since trying to learn system/character creation.

Is there a multiclass penalty in Modern/Naruto D20? I don't think so, but could not verify yet.

I dont see the 'roll for your element' part, where is it? DUH, thought part of the Naruto rule book and not the chart you posted.

Some feats require combat martial arts as a prereq, considering we can already do the things in the feat as a ninja, are we counted as having that feat if we want to gain further feats?

...I'm actually a little confused by what we're supposed to do if we land on ACN...From what I read we're supposed to: Roll the d100 again...But it also says we're supposed to roll a 1d5 to figure out the "Base" Element and you'll choose the 2nd one. So...what's the extra d100 for?


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