One Mechwarrior Needed for Homebrew/Mechwarrior

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One Mechwarrior Needed for Homebrew/Mechwarrior

Mechwarrior - 25 Years of Darkness - Forum
Estimated Members Requested: 1

Mechwarrior - 25 Years of Darkness

Lots of thanks to for making Lore easy to find/use.

The Dark Age began 25 years ago.

Unknown agents disabled the HPG grid, and roughly 75% of the Inner Sphere's hyperpulse generators were nearly simultaneously destroyed, crippled, or in some other way damaged. No one knows why or by whom this was done, but the actions crippled communications. Important messages, news, even something as simple as a family message must now be relayed via "pony express"- DropShips making runs to planets without a working HPG. Much like water resources and working factories in the Succession War era, planets with a working HPG have become much more important and vital military targets.

Solaris VII is known across the galaxy for its 'Mech fights. Gamblers place exorbitant amounts of money on longshot bets, and fortunes are won and lost daily. Solaris City, in particular, hosts six major arenas and numerous MechWarrior stables. Every year there is a Grand Tournament, which culminates with the naming of the year's champion. Even today the games continue. Solaris VII, with a still-functioning hyper-pulse generator, provides entertainment in a galaxy bereft of it.

And, for those without any other hope, Solaris VII offers a chance at a new life.

The GameYou are a mechwarrior, but fate has handed you all the wrong cards. Whether by defeat in battle, political machinations gone wrong, an enemy in high places, gambling, or just poor luck, you have nothing more than the gear on your back, and maybe a non-combat vehicle to get your there. Solaris VII is your new home for the short term, and Montour is the city furthest from anything or anyone who cares.

The General is there. He's an old friend, maybe a family friend, maybe a relative, or maybe just someone who knew someone, but he's there, and he's willing to give you another chance. A new mercenary unit has been born, and they need a single mechwarrior to fill out their lance. That might be just enough of a chance.

RulesMW:25YoD will not be using Battletech or Mechwarrior rules. The focus will be on the Lore of the 32nd century, and living in the Battletech universe. Plus, I just don't like the AToW game, and the BT rules just don't work in PbP.

Characters- We'll be using a derivative of Cyberpunk 2020 (Fuzion) rules. CP2020 (and Fuzion) is a very gritty system (don't get hit, it'll hurt) and has a good Battletech feel to it. The rules you'll need to play are in the forums. Yes, there are cybernetics (thank the Manei Domini). We will not be netrunning (not the game we're playing).
PS- How gritty is Cyberpunk? If the PCs get ambushed, I suspect a PC might die. The rules are lethal.

'Mechs- For mech combat, we'll be using an entirely homebrew system that focuses on being fast and roleplay intensive. Combat won't be about rolling a 12 and hoping for a head critical, but about how well written the battle is. Rules for mech combat are also in the forums. The rules are derived from FATE, but very, very simplified.
PS- How gritty will the 'Mech rules be? Less than PC rules. But battles should end in 5 turns or less, in general.

Players should be aware that the rules are not perfect, and will be changed as needed. However, we won't change systems, we'll just tweak what we need to.

Only a mechwarrior character will be accepted. This game is focused on mechwarriors making a new life for themselves. Players may make NPCs fitting other roles (a tech buddy, or such), and in certain situations we may allow playing of other characters, but really, the focus is mechwarriors.

My basic requirements are simple.
1) Post often in this game. I will look at a player's history, posting rate, pattern, etc. This is the most important thing.
2) Play well with others. You can pick fights with NPCs (awesome) but not with PCs (not awesome)
3) Like Battletech
4) Be willing to play with Houserules, and offer constructive criticism
5) Understand that this is a roleplaying game, not a tactical simulation, and that the goal is to have fun.

I have three players already in the game. Thor, the leader of the merc unit, is piloting a pink Panther. Sergey, the old Russian, is piloting a faster-than-normal Urbanmech. And the newest member of the unit, Ceph, is driving a Wolfhound.

A completed application consists of:
  • A character concept- about a paragraph highlighting the key points of your character idea.
  • An enemy- a paragraph about your main enemy.
  • A short bit about yourself and what your history is with Battletech.

Game Description:

Solaris VII, Lyran Commonwealth
12 February 3157

The video display was crisp and clean, but the images were far from. The Montour Civic Arena was one of the lowest of the low arenas on Solaris, and the action tended towards brutality. Today, a team of 4 warriors wearing construction exoskeletons were battling against a pair of cyborgs. The battle could roughly be summed up as "strength vs speed". No one was armed, but if anyone was hit, they were certain to be dead. The cyborgs had a serious advantage in speed, but the exoskeletons were moving together as a team and preventing the cyborgs from being able to get in and deliver a killing blow.

Soon the crowd would get bored, and the arena staff would activate the "encouragement" systems. Bangers, zingers, slicers, and other devices with cute names that would tear apart a man or machine in moments. If that failed to encourage the gladiators, then they'd eventually send in a Combinemech to grind up everyone.

In Montour, they sold blood for 15 C-bills a seat.

Dr. Einstein watched the display for a few more minutes before switching it off. The cyborgs were his design, and they were clearly going to die. It was a shame. The men were veterans of several wars, wounded so severely that full conversion was the only way for them to continue leading a normal life. However, there was a cost for full conversion- a lifetime of servitude to the stable that paid the bill. Dr. Einstein just did the work, it was how he convinced himself that he wasn't a murderer. In a few minutes, though, he'd have two more men whose death was on his head. It was lucky that his conscience had been completely burned out years ago, else he'd have felt a pang of guilt.

Turning back to the task at hand, he began opening up the patient's skull. Full conversion was the easiest, moving a brain was surprisingly easy. Across the room, the cyborg body waited patiently for a new brain. It'd be the cyborg's eighth. Maybe this driver would survive a few extra games in the arena. Then again, probably not.

Call me DRK, if needed. Remember rule one- when in doubt, do something.
Mon-Fri (GMT+7) normal posting.
I am interested. putting together a character concept and background. should have it submitted today.

Since I didn't see anything about this being closed already I added my own application. Hope that's okay.

Totally fine. It'll close officially in a day or two.

Actually, changed my mind, closing now.

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