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Anime D20
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Behind great minds
For this game I will be DMing the game, I have a fair amount of experience now DMing on both the weave and off along with a solid background knowledge of the Avatar universe.
Game Description
This game will take place roughly 300 years before Aang runs away from the air temple, this being an untold era of the world allowing for much exploration and character creation. Due to this the four nations are still at ‘peace’ and there are still a vast number of air nomads around the world.

As characters you would all be new initiates to the secret organisation known as the White Lotus, you will have been contacted directly and complete the tasks before you which are laid down by your superiors. Eventually you will uncover a secret that has long remained buried, though one that is soon to erupt.
Character creation

For this game I will be taking on five characters, I hope for one of each element and one non-bender. Though I will select the applications I think work best with each other and the game.

The mechanics
Level: Three, this can be all in a single bender class, all in just a martial class or split between the two of them. If you have an idea for future build, please make it clear.
Equipment: All basic equipment is open to you as long as you can afford it, each character starts with 900 GP.
Sheet: This does not need to be made until you are accepted, though if you want to make one feel free to.
Stats: For this we will be using point buy, each character will have 28 points to spend as they please. You do not have an ability score increase yet (that is at level 4).

Looks, personality and history: Looks and personality should be at least a hundred words each so I can get a good feel for the character (don't write an essay please). If you wish to use a picture you can use one instead of words. The history should be a bit longer and detail your characters early life, when they discovered their bending and any important features in their lives. You do not talk about how they are introduced to the white lotus, I will play that out in game.
Hooks: Try to list a few hooks, this will help me build the game around your character.
Relationships: If you wish to state any relationships your character has with PCs or NPCs please do, this will prompt me to use them in game!

If you're going to use a rule system, why not

I mean, why not avatard20?

Anime d20 seems a little excess when there's already a perfectly good system available. If you switch it up, I'll definitely be in. ^_^

Sorry if it was not clear, Avatar d20 is in use. Not sure if the two are identical or not, but I will be using the PDF in this post.

posting intrest. what level of technology would we be looking, being set 300 years in the past?

Posting interest as well. The one Avatar game I was in kinda died... So looking forward to seeing if I can get into this.

Gotta wait on the rules system though, I can't download the book today... >_>

Technology would be roughly the same as it is seen in Avatar the last air-bender, though a few minor things made be slightly simpler (builds etc).

The learning curve is pretty easy in my eyes, the only really new thing you must learn is how bending works (in terms of checks, seeds and templates).

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