Looking for GM!

Looking for GM!

I had a very bad time last year, but I have returned after...well, let's just say soul searching.

So I'm looking for afew games. I know, I know, its generally best to watch the Game Ads thread, but some of my requests are specialized. So its one of those 1 in a million chance situations.

Why should you pick me and these campaign ideas? Passion. Yes, passion. I am deeply passionate about all of the below ideas, and as a DM myself, I understand a passionate player is an engaged and enjoyable player. I also have a keen mind and can learn all sorts of silly jargon and rules (research the Ar Tonelico universe and then ask me how I can understand that gibberish!)

Specifically I'm hoping to possibly retry an Ar Tonelico themed game, hopefully in BESM3. I loved my character Reiri, and she had so much to her it was ridiculous, but she was also tons of fun and after all I've been through, I still remember Reiri like I made her yesterday.

Another request is an Everquest d20 game. Weird request, ne? I love Everquest and it was a joy to be part of when I was younger. It was where I made some of my first real friends, and I still look back and cherish it with a passion. I would be hoping to play a Dark Elf, but can go in different directions with ease.

Perhaps a Final Fantasy game is more up a prospective DM's alley? I'll do it! I'll play! There's several amazing systems out there for it and I have ideas and builds for them all!

Or a maybe Legend of the Five Rings game? In this I might be picky, but I can work with most campaign designs. I have most fun in courtly affairs than swords, but am capable of both.

And finally, if none of that gets your blood boiling, what about a game modeled after Fate/Stay Night or similar battle animes? This idea I would also prefer in BESM, as its the only anime system I know, but I can learn if push comes to shove. A good war of super power game could be interesting. Something even as different as Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls or Sekirei could also work as a good design model, too! Heck, I'd even possibly consider an Ikkitousen or Tenjou Tenge design could get me going too! (Shut up, Filia! You don't need to drive into everyone's skull your a hopeless otaku!)

I'm going to shut up and await anxiously for someone to read this!

Welcome back to the party. Yeah, I would love another go at an Ar Tonelico game, myself. I stuck with the old one as long as I could tolerate... but... eh, let's not go over that mess again.

Hey Tana! Long time...Yea, my vanishing was kinda not so good. Can explain in PM if your really THAT interested.

But another up for Ar Tonelico, yay!

I actually have the old Everquest RPG book, but can't for the life of me remember where it is. I played the MMO briefly years ago but never really got in to it.

I've actually been contemplating running a Final Fantasy game on and off for quite a while now. Probably because I went and played the old games over again recently. Downside is, my ideas are all a clutter because I've also been contemplating a different game as well :P I could always try brainstorming.

I hate doing this...but.


I was hoping to find something to DM for you, but you didn't list a single thing I know enough about to be of any use lol.
Well, thats not completely true, I don't know enough about EQ to even hope to DM, I may know enough about FF, but it just doesn't appeal to me, the rest is not familiar whatsoever.

Tis sad. And I'm sorry you don't recognize or am familiar enough to run any of the above. I'm kinda-sorta picky and I know that.

There's nothing wrong with being picky, it just means you care about your roleplaying I hope you find someone to DM for you.

So a little bump here. I've just recently come back around to MythWeavers after a little personal time myself. Suffice to say (Insert long rant here)....

I had popped back over here and was just curious what, if any, kind of interest in a Final Fantasy style game would be of interest. I'm sitting on a few players for one as is, but two of the five are speculative, and may or may not stay on depending on what life serves to them. In acknowledging this, I figured I would be better off looking for a sixth player now and potentially be dealing with a large party instead while being prepared for two players dropping.

I can't offer any specifics to a game as of yet, but I can say I know the system I'd like to use for it. It is a Final Fantasy specific adaptation of D&D 3.5 built on the SRD with a number of fan made pieces to it. Combat plays similar to a Tactics styled game, using the facing rules from UA. It also combines lore, classes, races, skills, and items from a number of the Final Fantasy games, including materia while reducing, NAY removing item enchantment as a magic on its own. It can be found at http://www.finalfantasyd20.com/ffd20/index.html

If you're at least curious to talk with the rest of the party, I would be glad to get in touch with you and get us all connected. Feel free to PM me if your interest is perked.


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