can you save a world that didn't believe you?

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can you save a world that didn't believe you?

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Something has happened to Golarion. You wake up and almost everyone has disappeared.

You knew this would happen. You had been having dreams about this for years, when you told people, they had you wrongly admitted to a temple for the 'not sane enough'. The guards are gone, the clerics are gone. Your door is open....

10point build, core only, no third party.

Looking for 4 players, max starting wealth, no traits.

To apply I need Sheet and back story.

Game Description:

Something has happened to Golarion. You wake up and almost everyone has disappeared.

You knew this would happen. You had been having dreams about this for years, when you told people, they had you wrongly admitted to a temple for the 'not sane enough'. The guards are gone, the clerics are gone. your door is open....

10point build, core only, no third party.

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Well That is simply not the first question I was expecting to be asked. I am going to have to say yes to that I am afraid Jestem. Only because it made me laugh when I read it. Though you will have to run the specific Dinosaur by me and it would more than likely not be an adult when you first get it.

Rhett Geresson and his companion Thumper

Rhett was renowned as a child for sticking his head into everywhere where his head might not be actually wanted. Rare was the day when he didn't climb onto roofs just to see the sunset and rise in its stately dance over the sky. Rare was the day when he didn't end up with skinned knees and a sore backside (the first from his adventures, and the second from his frustrated parents who would scold him.)

His greatest acheivement however was the story of Thumper. One day he was exploring a nearby cave system that he had recently found. Gorgeous day outside, with some amazing clouds in the sky (including one that looked like a golden dragon when you looked at it just right). It was his 7th birthday, and because he was feeling very old and very brave that day, he went to that cave system with the intention to find the dragon's treasure hoard and bring it back home and be proclaimed a hero! (Active imagination and all that)

So he explored the many chambers and the low caverns, some with dripping stalactites and stalagmites making strange noises. Exploring for what felt like years, he finally came across a warmer cavern, where a strange egg was covered well in leafy matter and the like. A curious child, he looked around and seeing nothing obviously dangerous nearby, he went to the egg, uncovered it and marvelled at its beautiful colouration. Greens and browns and occasional hints of red and purple. It was beautiful, more so than the treasure hoard that he had originally been expecting. He knew already therefore that this was what he wanted to take home with him. When he reached out a hand to touch it for the first time, it made a sound. He withdrew his hand quickly, and paused, waiting. It (the egg) made another sound and a small hairline crack appeared. Scared that he had broken something, Rhett makes a move to hide where he can and just observe. A strange creature comes out, with spines up and down its back and tail, and a funny mewling meow. It looks around and spots him, and that glance captured him. He was hooked, heart and soul. Overcoming his fear, Rhett went to the creature and touched its nose, smiling as the creature attempted to suckle upon his finger and its raspy tongue tickled his skin. He looked around and saw that there was nothing to give the creature save for the leafy matter that it had been covered in when it was an egg.

He attempted to feed it some of the leaves, and when that failed, the egg. Neither seemed to be what it wanted. Concentrating super hard, and knowing that he needed to get out from the caves as it was, he cast his first ever spell and a small bird came to them. Rhett and the baby dinosaur followed it, and soon enough they were out of the cave system, the bird guiding them out. As the dinosaur followed Rhett, its tail swung slightly from side to side, and when it hit the ground it made a 'thump' sound. He came up for the name there and then, and from then on the dinosaur was known as Thumper.

Running back home, he was met with astonishment and anger. He had been gone a very long time, and his parents were more worried than they had been before. That they had been expecting to wake up and celebrate the day with him had not been the case as Rhett had awoken before the dawn to explore. Thumper was taken from him, he was sent to bed (no dinner) and punished rather severely for several days, having to work the small garden and being confined to either the garden or the house only. No playing with his friends or anything. Seeing the obvious attachment between himself and Thumper, Rhett was told that he could keep the dinosaur, but only if he learnt how to look after him properly. It included learning plants that he could and could not eat, and how to generally take care of Thumper. Whilst it was hit and miss at times, over the 15 years since, they have done well, although not without mishap.

The visions that Rhett had began when he was about 18. Terrifying visions of the emptiness, and the lonliness as the world he knew became an unfamiliar place without the people that he knew and loved. He would often go to Thumper and end up curled up next to him as the dawn breaks once more. When they are close, he feels safer. The solidity and permanence of him is reassuring, even if he does eat an awful lot, meaning that manure spreading takes a long time. On the other hand, the garden is doing very well!.

Could I possibly play a Sorcerer who uses time to manipulate his spells. To clarify, I don't want to use new/unique spells or non-core spells, I want to change the fluff behind how I would cast a core rule spell (or at least some of them). For example, with Featherfall I slow time around me, therefore reducing my decent speed. Note, not every spell would be changed (some don't make sense, some don't need it).
Also, I would like to say I am not trying to break the game in some weird way, I just think it could be reasonably fun to play, but I understand this is a little weird hence why I am checking with you first.

So interested in this. Any GM that allows Dinosaurs is top of my list to play for.

Kind of had a similar idea in mind for a home brew campaign I wanted to run.

Thinking fighter who was once a paladin, meet Lyryn Warbela :

I have PM'd you my back story, you will understand why when you read it. I hope that it's ok.

Wow I was not expecting such in depth ideas so quickly. This is brilliant.

@Jestem I like the back story. You are definitely keeping up the amusement factor. I will be checking over Sheets tomorrow but at a quick glance it looks good.

@Savvy Steve. Are you asking me if you can play Dr Who in Galarion? If so then yes, yes, oh god yes! However as you have said, only the fluff would change not the effect. I may have some interesting PM's to send you mid game should you get in. I look forward to seeing your sheet.

@Aisling Finder. I took a look at your background. It is absolutely astonishing. I can see why you wanted to PM it. If you where picked would you mind it being shared in part, in game? Can I ask have you used that before or was it written for this campaign? I love it, are you a writer? Your sheet also looks good at a glance.

I am really looking forward to seeing what others come up with.

Thank you so much Shadows Blade, No I am not a writer, but thank you. I came up with most of it for this campaign but I did borrow one part from a previous character, will PM you which bit and it is absolutely fine if you want to use my back story for/against me lol. I just figured if it was revealed it would take away the chance to do exactly that lol.

Happy you liked it.

Character sheet

Here is a basic sheet, it only covers the druid section. I tend to keep characters on Herolab, makes changes easier to sort out and quicker so I can get back to the game faster.

@Ailsing Finder. I see. There are lots of things I could do with it. Ideas are forming already. I shall PM you what I have so far.


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