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Scrapping Private Game Status

I first came to the site and started using a private game (one that was in progress when the prior site we'd hosted on went down). I believe the second game we ran through the site was private as it was just the same group once again.

After spending some time on MW, I really don't feel the need to make games private - it seems like a good community and a well moderated website, so I'm in support of, as everyone has said, whatever makes life easier for the admins.

I really appreciate this website, find all the tools on it wonderful, and am all for whatever allows the guys upstairs to keep things running smoothly. (Because trust me, it is a serious setback when your character sheets, game logs, etc. all just go poof and no one had the sense to back them up offline).

I think in the end, stripping the feature isn't going to end privacy. If you want a private game, there are plenty of features available. This might give Myth-weavers a bit more exposure (whether or not it's an intended effect, I frankly don't care) and a bit less maintenance (I imagine less hard coding to do).

I do support it.

Originally Posted by MutantSentry View Post
I'm running a private game, I have absolutely no interest in the rest of the world viewing my game. If I want new players I recruit them and add them. I used to run a related game through Yahoo Groups. Frankly the private game feature was a reason I set the game up in this forum, if it is scrapped I might consider moving to another venue. As another poster said I don't play RPGs in the park, I play them in a private setting.
Originally Posted by MasterViper12 View Post
My experience with myth-weavers has been to simply host games only for people I know in real life. I use the private game feature because it allows me to be more private about myself and my players, without subjecting us to public scrutiny. This will actually be my first post outside of my games. That being said, it wouldn't change my experience with Myth-weavers if the option to make a private game were removed. As long as I can host games, invite my friends, etc., that's all I'm here for.
I don't see your points. If you don't want someone reading the IC threads, make it private. As far as the OOC threads go, I have never had a non players/reader make a comment in my OOC threads. I have had people PM me and make a friendly comment or ask to join the game. If the ask to join the game just reply back and politely say that you are not recruiting at this time. I have never been harassed or felt that my privacy was being violated. Perhaps I am just not understanding your sides of this.

If it makes your job easier, then you should enact it.

There are clearly very good reasons to remove the private game function. Concerns about technical difficulties, the ability to ‘examine’ players and GMs, potential abuse of the private game as a way around rules and regulations, and exclusionary practices that remove players from their intellectual property are legitimate reasons to make these changes to the system. There are, however, people who do feel that the ability to have a private game is important and that this course of action will cause problems for them.

General Desire for Privacy: One the things that I think most gamers who are involved in Private Games enjoy is the anonymity; the fact that they know who’s playing the game with them and they don’t have to worry about others who are outside of the game being aware of their involvement. It keeps the game and the world closed.

Visibility: While I dislike exclusion and the practices behind it—particularly if the person excluded was already a participant, I do feel that at times there is a good reason to keep things between certain people. Fights with friends happen and there are certainly people who are not invited to certain games because the content is not appropriate for them (people play a certain way and are inflexible about styles or dislike games that play either too close or too far from reality) who will try to play these games anyway and suffer because of it. This is especially true if the game is between people who have moved apart and are trying to continue an IRL game without including players outside of the main group.

Sensitive Content: I’m not talking about the difference between pg-13 and R content, I’m talking about content that is emotionally or psychologically sensitive to players suddenly going on display for everyone to see. While it’s true that there are private threads, some people aren’t comfortable with other people even knowing that this is on display. It’s one thing to be playing a game where there isn’t much investment in the characters and it’s simply fun, it’s another to be playing a game that delves into deeper places and pushes the boundaries of what players are comfortable with. In those cases, I’m sure that players not only would not want others to view this content, they might not even want people to ask about the game in question.

Protection of Joint Intellectual Property: I am definitely against GMs kicking people out of games and then making the game private simply to lock them out. If time and energy has been invested in the game that player does have the right to that property and there are probably other ways to deal with problem players that do not involve blocking them entirely. That said, with the removal of the private game function there may be problems with protecting intellectual property and infringement upon intellectual property. That is to say, people may take ideas, characters, and other aspects of a game that is running without permission or knowledge of the parties involved. While private threads do prevent most people from reading a game, it’s less of an issue and perhaps comforting to those involved, if the players don’t have to worry about the games drawing attention from anyone who isn’t directly involved.
I joined this site with the understanding that I would be playing a private game—one that was in no way open or available for public viewing. Had this not been the case I would have, under no circumstances, invested half as much time or energy into the games I have been playing. It seems that this new policy will certainly protect the intellectual property of those who have been removed from games, but also has the potental to open up the intellectual property of others for use.

Based on the way the topic is being discussed by the higher powers, it seems (emphasis on ‘seems’ I’m not trying to put words in anyone’s mouth, I’m just stating this based on the way that the topic is being examined) that the issue has already been closed and Private Games will no longer be available on this site. If the issue is not yet decided (and even if it is), what are the alternatives? Will you provide us with a way of protecting our joint intellectual property beyond private threads?

I like this site and I like the way it’s set up, but I am uncomfortable with the way the private threads (being the commonly accepted solution) are described:
“Private material (including Private Messages, Private Threads, and material in Private Tags), should not be construed to create any actual expectation of privacy. "Private" material is more accurately described as material that may require permissions checks before being displayed. Private settings (for threads and tags) are not respected within the game archive. Site staff members, and GMs/Moderators and Readers in games have access to private material within that game.”

I just think how can you enforce people you dont want gatecrashing your game ,wanting to join.?
I know for a fact,selecting private at the start is alot simpler, then every post you put in as a GM you have to use [private] to all you want to just write and update for...

and then in that same respect,what if you wanted to say something private in game to an individual that only he or she may know. Will that clash with the overall privacy shield you would now want us all in the minority, private game people to undertake .

If the function is really a burden in regards to the site running and functioning smoothly, then I don't think there is really a question as to the right thing to do here.

But, if it's not broke don't fix it.

I used to use the Private game (to keep unwanted guest from posting...which happened more often then you would think). But I have steadily grown away from them, for the reason you have described above. I like people being able to look at my games and decide for themselves if I am a decent Player/Game Master.

So as long as the PRIVATE messages inside posts still works I am okay with the lose.

Originally Posted by Stormcracker View Post
I don't see your points. If you don't want someone reading the IC threads, make it private. As far as the OOC threads go, I have never had a non players/reader make a comment in my OOC threads. I have had people PM me and make a friendly comment or ask to join the game. If the ask to join the game just reply back and politely say that you are not recruiting at this time. I have never been harassed or felt that my privacy was being violated. Perhaps I am just not understanding your sides of this.
hmm for one of my games I'm running the same game elsewhere and I do not trust players not the peak I can just make all the threads private but I would rather that the players remain blissfully unaware.

My tabletop group started a private game here as a place to keep track of in-game things, as well as be able to do game housekeeping things so we could keep our tabletop sessions clear of them. We also have the occasional RP session via PbP when we can't get our schedules coordinated. I know our DM would be extremely unhappy to have the privacy gone. Having people randomly ask to join the game is one of the things he seeks to avoid.

I haven't really used the private message tags inside posts, so I don't know if that would be an adequate substitution, but it seems that taking the extra step of making the posts private would not go over well with any of the group.

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