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Scrapping Private Game Status

As a DM hosting a game.... My opinnion is not that i care if other people see or read what is going on in my game.. But that i dont want people who are not a part of my game posting or commenting in the game. So long as only the people invited to the game are allowed to post in the game i really dont mind if they are "private" or not. I play with just my friends people i know locally. I Love using this forum because it is a good way to play without us all having to get together all the time and figure out our schedules.. we can just post when it is convenient.

Myth weavers has done a great job providing me a really usable system and i enjoy it. Weather the game is private or not isnt as big of a issue as if people without permission to post and comment on my game will be locked out or allowed to chime in whenever. This would really ruin the experience of the game i have going for both me and my players/friends.

Please take this into consideration as you make your decision.

@Blitz--people posting uninvited in games is extremely rare here, as others have pointed out. I've never seen or heard of someone intruding on a game thread in a game they aren't in. I had someone post unsolicited and annoying kibbitzing once in my main game's OOC thread. I asked him not to do so again, and he didn't. If he had, I would have reported him to the mods and they would have taken care of it. And if my game thread was intruded upon, I'd delete the posts as well--as DM you can delete any post in your game.

Basically, the phenomenon you're worried about is a non problem. Once in five and a half years and tens of thousands of posts doesn't constitute a significant problem in my book.

I will probably never run a private game, but as long as private tags/threads are still in, thats all that matters really.

I support it. It seems no great loss and the fix seems needed.

Originally Posted by Rodrigo View Post

I do still like the idea of more open gaming, and if anyone has any suggestions of how to encourage that, I'm open.

Some sort of featured game of the week? GM's/Players/Readers or even a passerby nominate a game for inclusion in a list of possibilities and a game is selected weekly by someone/some people/randomly...

I'll never be nominated unless it's for a game in the archive, but I like this.

Of course, one reason not to get rid of private games is that I would have to make more than one character, instead of using the same one in every game knowing that nobody will ever know... (just kidding)

Well, I've been victimized by private games on this site, by being kicked out without warning and then having the game immediately made private so I can't see why I was dumped, what people are saying about me now, and can no longer access the material that I put into the game. It's a really effective tool for online bullying. So in the end, I hope you decide to put this dog down.


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