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Scrapping Private Game Status

Another voice chiming in in favor of keeping private games. The bonus is as much psychological as anything else; knowing that it'll be very difficult to have someone looking over your shoulder is rather an aid, most times. Additionally, the private thing adds something of an atmosphere to things - more homey, the knowledge it's just you and your players, no outsiders possibly rooting about in it. None of the private games I run ever advertised; they all came about after an exchange of PMs.

No footprint, no impact, and just two or three guys mucking about without having to worry about someone peeking, and they never need to know. This is a boon I'd rather not do without.

Of course, if the admins decide to go with removing the feature, I wouldn't protest.

Originally Posted by Adaiah View Post
Is a mistake made by noobs really a good reason for eliminating a feature purposefully utilized by experienced players? I would argue no.
And I wouldn't say yes, either. The point was generally discussing it's uses, as per the OP. There is no offense or defense going on, just topical discussion on its uses.
It really depends on how serious Rodrigo & Co. are about pleasing even the small numbers, regardless of difficulties. If the issues outweight the benefit, then a simple poll would suffice, setting a minimum number of Keep Privacy votes to ... keep privacy.

I don’t support the removal of private games.

I’m a private person and prefer to invite known and trusted players to my ‘game table’ as it were; though I admit to being a recent convert to this method. When one game is enjoying a period of high post-rates and I am perpetuating this flow by posting more regularly in that game than in another game, its nice to know the players aren’t seeing that in the less productive game and potentially losing interest because they presume I have.

I have other reasons but as I am at work, I need to leave it short for now.

I'm running a private game, I have absolutely no interest in the rest of the world viewing my game. If I want new players I recruit them and add them. I used to run a related game through Yahoo Groups. Frankly the private game feature was a reason I set the game up in this forum, if it is scrapped I might consider moving to another venue. As another poster said I don't play RPGs in the park, I play them in a private setting.

If I could just make my game not come up in searches while they are closed, I wouldn't mind this proposal so much. As Adaiah points out this can at this moment only be done through the private game option.

Originally Posted by Adaiah View Post
Or, they want the whole game private. If you yourself are not a private person, it seems a bit silly to speculate on the reasons that private people like privacy. A private game does not come up in searches. It does not show up on your gaming history list. It does not indicate who you are gaming with. Privatizing threads alone does not accomplish that.

Well, it seems that the decision has already been made, else there would be a poll attached to this thread letting members vote. Ultimately, at the end of the day, those of us who value privacy will adapt, as we tend to do. It's not such a huge change as to provoke an Exodus from the cite and noobs will never know that it was an option.

Honestly, I recommend grandfathering it in by eliminating the option at game creation. That will keep those of us in established private games from having to go on a thread privatizing hunt and it would eliminate future problems with the private option. Once the number of private games drops below some Mod-determined threshold, those specific players can be contacted and informed of the next stage in the transition.

It will effect less people and minimize the chaos on future games.

Originally Posted by Site Rules
Posted material is not to include obscene, indecent, or offensive language, description or discussion...
Does having a "private" game circumvent these rules and allow for a 'Rated R' game?

Regarding peoples involvement in private games, as it relates to how involved they are/level of commitment, etc - couldn't there be a feature showing their visible games then something that says:

Plays in X Private games
GM in X Private games.

I get that you're probably not looking for more work, but strongly opposed to scrapping the private game option.

Originally Posted by Adaiah View Post
A private game does not come up in searches. It does not show up on your gaming history list. It does not indicate who you are gaming with. Privatizing threads alone does not accomplish that.
I agree with this. Privatizing threads doesn't hide the fact the game is still there. I've had trouble with people who can't understand why we wouldn't want to play every game together. Privatizing the game solves this without drama.

I GM a private game. If there are no adverse affects to un-privatization, then I would have no qualms about the change. Honestly, I can't remember why I made it private except that I never put up an add because I got all the players while still in the interest thread.

If it makes the site easier to maintain, then definitely nix it.

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