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Scrapping Private Game Status

Originally Posted by Renshaw View Post
Does having a "private" game circumvent these rules and allow for a 'Rated R' game?
I recall a mod or admin saying that private games merely cut down on the number of people who could look at it. In any case, anyone with half an ounce of decency would stick to the rules even with a private game.

I'll fully admit that one of my games rather nears the border of what's allowable under PG-13. The guy I'm gaming with and I both agree to keep it there and no further. It's in site rules, and we'd prefer not to get kicked off the Weave for, ah, excessive fanservice.

Originally Posted by Renshaw View Post
Does having a "private" game circumvent these rules and allow for a 'Rated R' game?
No. Once the game is archived, it becomes public-ish. Players can't search the archives, but mods can.

I do know that there was debate in the past regarding this. Players were making claims that if the threads and the game were all private there would be no way that say, a 13 year old, would stumble upon R-rated content. There is also no way of ensuring that one of your players isn't a minor claiming to be otherwise.

Even if that is true, the cite has to maintain the PG13 mantra for marketability and access to networks which block questionable material at work or school. If they don't police this, there could be a lawsuit for them which would mean no gaming for the rest of us. We live in a litigious time...

Originally Posted by Librarium View Post
It really depends on how serious Rodrigo & Co. are about pleasing even the small numbers, regardless of difficulties.
It's not an issue of pleasing small numbers of paranoid people. We were interested in what reasons might exist we haven't thought of. Personally I think the whole "private person" is a red herring.

If you're private person then you behave like one and don't have a trail lying all over then internet that can be followed. If you have left such a trail you can't claim to be a private person.

Also, we don't use PG-13.

I believe having the private game available has its merits, as previously pointed out. There's another circumstance in which I would consider wanting to make a game private which was related to an earlier point but not made explicitly. If an individual creates a large amount of custom content across multiple threads needing to individually set up rights for each of them can become burdensome. Privatizing the entire game is not simply a "quick fix" for that scenario so much as a "try - catch" situation that alleviates the GM from a possible mistake in the access rights to individual threads. *shrug*

Edit: Also, if I can make a game private I'm inherently more comfortable posting material I publish personally under OGL parameters. If anyone can grab it automatically then it limits what I'll use of the material I would create and use on the site. I've used private games on another site back in the early days of 3.5 where I tested materials before publishing them and am looking at doing so currently. If there isn't an ability to privatize an entire game I will likely just not playtest said materials here at MW. As I respect the feedback of many individuals here at MW that I've played with over the years that in itself is a resource that is nice to have access to. Broadcasting fresh creative material to masses of individuals and watching that content spiral out of my control on the other hand isn't something that I would be all interested in.

Would there be a viable alternative perhaps in requesting private games instead of making the option freely selectable? Perhaps a combination of that or based on post count to allow more experienced users to still make them?

Originally Posted by Renshaw View Post
Originally Posted by Site Rules
Posted material is not to include obscene, indecent, or offensive language, description or discussion...
Does having a "private" game circumvent these rules and allow for a 'Rated R' game?
Read the "Notes" section in the Site Rules.


Originally Posted by Plugsy
We discussed the idea of not allowing games which have attached adverts to be made private. The code to maintain private games has tentacles affecting many other parts of the code meaning the effort required to maintain this feature for the small number of unadvertised games becomes prohibitive.
This is confusing to me. If the mechanic is already in place... how does maintaining it become an issue? As I'm not privy to the security model of the site that may be causing my confusion in this matter. Typically, your security check is an external call of some sort to an external module and is handled with a simply pass/fail response. It seems to me that under that type of model the maintenance of a private game is trivial.

It means that any time we add a feature or make a change to games or threads, etc, we have to consider private games and therefore consider additional cases and conditions for running certain routines.

I had a few follow up questions with the PG-13/R bit and made a new thread if anyone reading this cares.

I believe that private games have their place. If someone wanted to run a playtest of new material in PbP, or run something that could spoil a certain game for others or give unfair advantage (such as Lair Assault, which I'm not sure someone could have permission to do in PbP, but it's still an example)...that would be a good reason to be able to make a game private. I don't personally use the private feature, but if I were to be playtesting new material that has not yet been released, or doing something tournament-style making the whole game private would be a plus.

The same thing could be achieved with privatizing threads...but it's more cumbersome than having a single option to click and guarantee that no one can stumble across it if you forget to make even one thread private.

If it reduces the chances the software will have bugs and the downtime needed to fix them, I'm for it. But I do have one concern. What if a spambot got loose in Myth-Weavers? I could have unwanted postings all over the my game.

As for keeping things private until The Big Reveal, start the threads as private, then edit them to public.

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