Eighties Action Fest: looking for a few good badasses.

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Eighties Action Fest: looking for a few good badasses.

Eighties Action Fest - Forum
D20 Modern
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Not much to say on this one....

Well, in a nutshell: It has been a very long time since I ran a D20 Modern game here in Myth Weavers and I decided to shake the cobwebs off.

So this game, it's not heavy on dramatic roleplaying (even if it's more roleplay than rollplay). This is a blast-fest, kill-fest, stomp-bad-guy-fest of the likes of every action movie made in the 70's, 80's and 90's (or a huge number of them). A good inspiration would be 'The Expendables'.

Goofy names (or codenames). BFGs. Lots of bullets in the air, lots of collateral damage, lots of explosions, bad guys are bad, good guys are good, bystanders duck for cover... the works.

So... looking for about 4 to 5 players. The game is going to be at Character Level 10, with stats generated by point-buy (38 points). Wealth will be obtained during the game, it's not a necessity during character creation (so all guns and equipment is free, so to speak). Maximum hit points and maximum Action Points.

Game Description:

A band of badasses. 1 Big Bad. 100,000 Mooks. 1,000,000,000 bullets. No chance for the bad guys.

A D20 Modern 'beer-and-pretzels' game, inspired on 'The Expendables'. Pure 80's and 90's action, no holds barred.

Sounds fun. Can you give us a little background? Are the PCs Mercs? Government agents?

Color me very interested. Been a while since I looked at Modern but this is exactly how I've always wanted to try it.

What about vehicles? Tanks/helicopters/APCs/whatnot?

Regardless, very interested. Sounds like fun.

Originally Posted by scaryfroman View Post
Sounds fun. Can you give us a little background? Are the PCs Mercs? Government agents?
The characters would be mercenaries, employed by everybody who can afford them (the government, desperate people who managed to scrape their fee from their life savings, etc). Bad guys are gonna be of all kinds-terrorists, corrupt cops, corrupt company men who want to run over 'mom and pop' businesses, etc.

Tanks/Helicopters/APCs/whatever in the field of vehicles: Well, on charac creation, PCs can get vehicles without any Wealth expenditure. During the missions, they'll be able to use other types of vehicles as well.

As for backstory: The PCS are a mercenary group, formed because it felt best for them to operate as a unit that as lone wolves, formed with one loose (but unbreakable) code of honor.
At the top of it, one tenet: the bad guys they go after (and will most probably put six feet under) have to deserve it.

The lot of them are in it for their own reasons, but have some amount of mutual respect. They may not have to LIKE it, but there's some mutual respect.

So obviously this is not d20 future, but how do you feel about the 'Fast Plus' feat from that book? I suppose I could try to stop loving the fast hero talents so much, but it would be easier to just take the feat.


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