Reclaiming Blingdenston [Playtest]

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Reclaiming Blingdenston [Playtest]

Reclaiming Blingdenstone - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 5e
Estimated Members Requested: 6

Game Details
I'm looking for 3-6 people to play through the adventure contained within the most recent Dungeons & Dragons Next playtest packet. Anyone looking to play should be a member of the playtest and have downloaded the most recent version playtest (packet 3). Sign up here.

I would like to have players who can commit to a daily posting rate and are interested in a moderated amount of roleplay. The adventure is fairly short but if everyone enjoys it I would be happy to continue with characters in a future playtest.

Game Description:

About a century ago, several thousand svirfneblin called Blingdenstone home. Their former settlement is a mere forty-five miles from Menzoberranzan, the drow city, but the gnomes used illusion, geomancy, and traps to avoid drow attention. This peaceful existence was shattered, however, when drow came in force to enslave the svirfneblin. Fewer than a thousand gnomes escaped to the surface, finding refuge in city of Silverymoon in the Silver Marches, where most have lived in exile ever since. In the last four decades, svirfneblin have begun moving back into the ruins to recover their homes, with aid from the folk of the Silver Marches. But developments in the past few years have drawn the attention of surface folk away from Blingdenstone. Efforts to reclaim the ruins have stalled. The gnomesí supplies and numbers have begun to dwindle. They need help to reclaim what is rightfully theirs.

Would we be making our own characters? Or using the ones from the play test?

either way. i'm interested

I'm interested too. I think I'd most like to test out the new fighter mechanic, most likely as an archer. I'm re-reading the playtest document now. Where do we put applications, since they should probably be semi-private?

Players are free to use the rules from the playtest to create a character. I'd would also be open to a player coming up with their own background instead of using one from the playtest as they follow a fairly standard pattern. They would have to run it by me though. If you just post a brief description of your character with a name then I can make a private thread for you to go into the more intricate details.
Also we should be consistent with whether or not to roll for ability score and for health gain per level. I'm leaning toward using the average value for health. I'm fine with the standard array listed unless players are particularly want 4d6 keep top 3.

I prefer standardized health and do not have a preference as to stat generation (strange, I know). I've set to work on my (prospective) character and will post something (or everything) tomorrow.

I am DMing the playtest right now and would like to join a game as a player. If that is okay, here is Knoc:

Long have the Drakkus Crypt Knights guarded the dragon relics of Skarlnun. Protecting the ancient wonders from the world. Or rather, protecting the world from the unpredictable power within these mysterious treasures. When a relic gets up and walks away, Knight Errants are sent to find those responsible. Returning only after finding the lost relic and bringing back the souls of the foolhardy.

Knoc Ercole, Crypt Guardian of Skarlnun
Race: Human
Class: Sorcerer (Copper Dragon) || Will Power: 3
Background: Knight - Knight's Station
Specialty: Necromancer - Aura of Souls

I prefer average health and stat rolling but will go with whatever.

I am Interested in playing. It has been a long time since I played a game on Myth. I would prefer Average health and Stat Rolling but will also go with what is determined. I would like to go with creating my own character.

Reginald Blackwell, Battle Acolyte of Tempus
Race: Human
Class:Cleric - Domain War
Background:Priest - Temple Service
Specialty: Healer - Herbalism

I've been looking to play a game of DnD Next for some time, to get a feel for the system. At the moment my interest is mostly set in a front-line combatant, and I think a fighter would suit me well. If it's allowed, I'd like to discuss possibly altering the fighting styles or specialties slightly, but I'm perfectly willing to play with the prepackaged options. My preferences would be averaged HP and standard array for stats, but I'll roll with what the other players want just fine.

Urist Ironwrought, hill dwarf war veteran

Caelynn Sharpleaf, Bounty Hunter
Race: Wood Elf
Class: Fighter (Sharpshooter)
Background: Bounty Hunter (Bounty Board)
Specialty: Archer (Rapid Shot)

When her forest home was gutted by fire and her family's lives consumed in flame, a young Caelynn realized that even an elf's years can be cut short, and that it is necessary to always act now to make the most of the time one has and to safeguard what one holds dear. Blinking woodsmoke and tears from her eyes, she took the only course that presented itself to her, followed the arsonist's tracks, and apprehended him. Restraining herself from revenge, though, she turned him in to the authorities and received a reward, enough to live on. It was not long before the sheriff came to her with quarries of his own. Caelynn agreed to hunt them down, first of all to survive, and second to seize the initiative from those who would do harm to others, and stop them before they could wreck destruction on yet more innocents' lives. Lately her hunt has led her to the Underdark, and to a gnomish settlement named Blingdenstone, beset by troubles ...


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