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howdy howdy all

howdy howdy all

hi everyone. i'm new to alot of this and old school when it comes to table top rpg. i can't wait meet you all.

Your long wait is over; you have meet me.

i've been jetting around the site and i have to say i'm impressed. i seen some of the play by post listings. have you ever done any of that?

Played in any of the play by post games? Sure. That's why I'm here.

...Jack, you're awesome... but I hate to tell you this. You're not everyone. Remember I am a separate entity.

Now you've met everyone. Don't worry, when reaper shows up you'll have met everyone and an illusion.

Welcome to the weave.

Always did want to give it a go. I have a few character concepts i want to try. Stiil though i have no exp at pbp. I read some of the code for the dice rolling. dosnt look to insane to remember. Nice to meet you vox.


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