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Exalted sheet online

Originally Posted by Illusionist View Post
[...]and Exalted enforces too many splat differences that an attempt at a single, unified sheet is ultimately doomed to failure.

Exalted character sheets were totally meant to feel like those multiple-choice tests in school! :O Fill in the dots!

Originally Posted by Story Time View Post
I think that the sheet is shaping up nicely. It'll be very helpful to have that space for ten pips with the Abilities. Backgrounds...are still limited to five pips. And I suppose for most games that would function. I've had one idea in particular which would require Breeding ( a background ) at six. It'd be nice to have that available, but it's also a small issue.
I can move background to flat entry.

The Health Level Chart is...ingenuous in its own way. Compact, but weird compared to the normal method. I don't think I mind it. It'll be a little different, but not impossible. But...just for fun, I guess, here's how the normal method works.
Yes, well, you can either put symbols in the three boxes on the sheet or a total. I was told the order didn't matter.

[quote]I'm...hesitating to request Merits, Flaws, and Mutations in the Advantages chart under Backgrounds. I use them a-lot, but I wonder if any-one else does?[/SPOILER]

Need to know what they look like, are they entry-less like initmacies or do they have an associated number?

Merits, Flaws, and Mutations can be filled out like Intimacies. However, not everyone uses them; Mutations just aren't some characters' thing, while Merits and Flaws are from Scroll of Heroes and widely agreed as upsetting to the game's already-delicate and much-patched balance.

Your call on this one, I'd say, but those who don't use 'em can always leave 'em blank.

OK, So that's pretty much it then. The main thing I'd like to tweak is the widths of the fields in the weapons and armor tables. I assume some of these are numbers so can be narrow, others are text. Any need more text than the others? Which ones are numbers?


Range ought to go between Rate and Minimums (shortened to Mins).

Except for Minimums and Tags, all fields are numbers.
Speed is any number from 3 to 6; one cannot go above or below that.
Accuracy is usually positive (+1, +2, so on), but some rare cases have negative Accuracy. (A weapon with no Accuracy modifier expresses it as +0.) These don't go too high - best I've seen is +6 Accuracy after magical material boni. (No need to worry about those - they're added directly to stats.)
Damage is usually expressed as something like +4B or +3L; there are no cases of a weapon doing negative damage. So that's a plus sign, one or two digits, and a letter specifying Bashing or Lethal damage. (Some weapons don't add to the wielder's Strength, hence the plus sign, and instead deal one big lump of damage - firearms, mostly.) Weapons bearing the Overwhelming tag add a slash and a number after - say, +11L/4.
Defense is the same as Accuracy in terms of expression. There are also weapons that confer negative Accuracy (and by that, I mean kicks).
Rate is a single-digit number from 1 to 5. (Any rate higher than 5 is 5, period.) Some weapons exist with shorter Rates, expressed fractionally - 1/2 means you can only attack with the weapon every other action. However, these are rare, with the context usually being siege equipment.
Minimums is expressed in a stat, usually Attributes but sometimes Abilities, shortened - Str 1, Dex 4, Mrt 4 to provide an example, where 'Mrt' means Martial Arts. This about the max; usually it's one or two stats.
Attune is usually a single-digit number, sometimes two digits.
Tags is expressed in letters or numbers, detailing specific qualities, separated by commas. As an example: 2, O, P, R - Two-Handed, Overwhelming, Piercing, Reach.


It's Mobility Penalty as one field, not two separate ones.

Soak is expressed as, say, +5L/3B - plus sign, number for Lethal damage, slash, number for Bashing damage. (Some players will express Bashing before Lethal, but that's preferences for you.)
Hardness is the same, only without the plus sign.
Mobility Penalty (or just Mobility) is expressed as a negative number in all cases; armor without a mobility penalty expresses it as -0. Largest I've seen is -6, so a single digit ought to do it.
Fatigue is not expressed with a modifier; highest I've seen is 5, so again, a single digit ought to do it.
Attune and Tags are as per weapons, though the only real tag for armor is a marker detailing whether it can be concealed.

Originally Posted by Story Time View Post
I'm...hesitating to request Merits, Flaws, and Mutations in the Advantages chart under Backgrounds. I use them a-lot, but I wonder if any-one else does?
Originally Posted by Michael View Post
Need to know what they look like, are they entry-less like initmacies or do they have an associated number?

Any-way, I'm sorry to be such a bother! Thanks for spending time on this.

Looks like the attributes, and health boxes get deleted every time I save the sheet. I thought it was just me, but my friend said he was having the same problems.


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