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I put up a spot for meeting and greeting on the docks. Introduce yourselves and all that while you get your characters in the depository (with factions easy for me to find, please) and do any pre-scenario purchasing in the Miscellaneous Thread, as once you're on the boat, you're done with being in town.

The Paizo site's down right now so I can't download the pdf to really get things started until after it's up (I have it on my iPad at home, not here, and I will need to do something about the maps, which may take a little time). Once everybody's posted and I've had a chance to peruse character sheets, we'll get under way.


on the Splintercloud arrow. I read this as a weapon that when it hits creates a burst damage effect, hitting everything thing the 1 square of the intersection point.

1. Can this be aimed at a target hex to achieve this result?
2. If you hit a creature with it, which intersection point is used for the burst effect? What if it's a Large creature? Can the shooter choose? W

Originally Posted by itsgottabeodin View Post
Alas, that item from Elves of Golation is not available for play(unless it is in a different book, too?).
Oh really? Hmm. Seems the tankglefoot and durable arrows are from that source as well. I don't know if they are in other books. Not really familiar with which books are allowed and which are not. Where does one find the link?


What sayist thou?

...the additional resources page? This should be the first (or second) thing you look at when making purchees or leveling unless you're sticking like glue to the CRB.

Thistles are a go (in AA), durables and tanglefoots are sadly not(unless, again, found in another source).

Thanks Odin.

Okay, looks like I'll need to get a full refund and go back and change my chron sheet where I went and bought all those arrows. I have been using the OGC, so Grey, unless you know if those arrows are available from another source, I have some retconning to do.


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