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Good thing we caught it now then, rather than after you'd used the +1 version already. And by we, I mean not me.

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@Greycloak: While you're getting hammered by AH: I'm going to switch out(sell, since I've been using it - poo) the Kusarigama for a pair of Wakis. I'm not sure why I thought it was finessable and a valid option in the first place. While it maybe is finessable by RAI or RASHBI (Rules As Should Have Been Intended) it isn't really finessable per RAW and therefore not really valid in PFS.

Fun Fact: This will be Ransom's 4th set of weapons. *sigh*
Odin, in the 3.5 Oriental Adventures book, it says this at the end of the weapon entry:

You can use the Weapon Finesse feat to apply your Dexterity modifier instead of your Strength modifier to attack rolls with a kusari-gama.
Now, I realize Grey isn't accepting 3.5 literature as relevant, but he already agrees with this interpretation, so you're golden

I also wouldn't let the boards dictate how this is treated, unless there is an official FAQ on it. Popular opinion is notoriously influenced by emotion and convention. People get fixated on a point of view and it sometimes takes nothing short of an act of God to get them off it (Rutherford died believing in ether as medium for light even after Einstein was proven correct scientifically).

I think the only risk here is if you do use it for this mission and some official FAQ comes out and shoots it down for fairness reasons or something. Paizo nerfed the spiked chain, so by similar logic they could not want a ninja double-weapon being a Finesse weapon <shrug>


I just noticed that the WBG scenario gives a +2 non-combat FE bonus against Goblins. Characters get this bonus for free, correct?

I just noticed that as well.

...free? No. You have to have the chronicle applied to that character. There is no cost to use it once you've got it, though.

@Kusarigama: Sadly, 3.5 does not apply. I'll live with the wakis, maybe I'll get some (weak, so weak) crits out of them.
They are more versatile as to damage type as well, so I'm not totally up the creek or anything.

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