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Day 1 - Rude AwakeningYou are in the Pathfinder Lodge in Magnimar when you get abruptly woken in the middle of the night. "Something's gone wrong at the dig up at Hollow Mountain and we're sending a ship to help. The tide's right so the ship leaves as soon as your boots are on deck - are you in or out?"

You agree - what else could you do?

After gathering your gear, you hurry down to Bazaar of Sails and wait on a pitch-soaked pier in the cool pre-dawn air for everyone to arrive. Your only company is the occasional drawn-faced fisherman's boy heading to their ships to ready the nets before their captains arrive.

Ransom yawns and scuffs his boot on one of the cobbles, wondering why he'd made the months-long trip all the way back to Tian Xia for just a few short weeks of adventure... and then promptly turned about and come back again. "Politics." *hmph* Varisia being the new hotspot and all... it suited the halfling man well enough to be back in his adopted homeland.

In the darkness before dawn, the halfling is fairly hard to pick out unless he moves, his preferred outfit being a loose-fitting and darkly-colored robe fastened with a belt, over which he wears a suit of leathers, intricately inscribed with whorls of a lighter color. An accident in his past left him blind in his right eye, and he has taken to wearing a patch over the empty socket so as to not disturb those delicate in constitution. Of a height with the fisherman's boys, Ransom's visage is much grimmer. With the vaguely eastern cast to his features that most halflings from Tian display, Ransom is tanned from his travels to and from the Inner Sea Region, picking up many of the eclectic styles of dress on his way.

A mission for the Lodge...or another errand for these damn fool squabbling factions?

Talhaearn strides cautiously to the pier...making no effort to conceal himself yet remaining keenly aware of his surroundings. Since his first mission Tal has grown tired of dancing at the ends of puppet strings to further the cause of one faction or another. Being a Pathfinder is the only thing in his life that has given him a sense of belonging...and his loyalty will always lie with his fellow agents and to the Lodge itself.

So once again Tal finds himself standing on cold cobblestone in the middle of the night...wondering what manner of grand entrances he will witness from the other members of his team.

Aukan couldn't decide if he should be grumpy or ecstatic about this new, sudden assignment. He'd been enjoying a good brew, but he'd been bored as hell without anywhere to go and without skulls to split. Striding up to the docks clad in his armor as ever, the dwarf glared in a friendly fashion at the two who had preceeded him- neither of 'em damned casters, by the looks of it. Excellent! Meant more fun for the people who actually fought instead of playing dress-up and wagging their fingers around.

" 'ey there! Name's Aukan, 'n yers? Damned if tha trouble ain't makin' me giddy like a wee lad!", the dwarf proclaimed with a laugh.

Jalil groans aloud as he wakes. Gods above, My Lady . . . You're the DawnFlower, not the Nightshade! Couldn't you've held the tide a few more hours?

Nevertheless, he performs his morning ablutions quickly and in short order is striding down the docks. He spies the armored Dwarf just as he makes his introductions, his words drawing Jalil's attention to the others as well. He walks quickly to the gathering and speaks in a clear tone. "And I am Jalil; a pleasure for me as well!"

Spotting Aukan, Ransom steps out of the shadows, nodding at Jalil in passing, but his main attention was focused Dwarf that the half-elf had been speaking to. "Aukan. I'm Ransom... I'm assuming you got the same *brief*ing that I did, and something just hit me. Hollow mountain mine and they're sending a *ship* to help? I'm not much around mines... do you know anything about that?"

Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 17 (Total = 24)
Cue Belated Know Local Check (24)

Ajax woke with a bit of clouded head.

Damn that Ransom has me traipsing all over Golarion. I knew they wouldn't have any good Longbottom leaf in this dump! How do I keep getting talked into these things??

Ajax looked around to find that Aestrid had a long since departed. Phew. The summons had an ominous tone to it, but Ajax was eager to try out the new Gravity Bow wand he'd just picked up. Now why didn't I think of this sooner?. Ajax examined the wand approvingly.

Dockside, Ajax spots Ransom and what might be the rest of the group. After introducing himself, Ajax begins to examine his provisions, only subconsciously aware that he no longer has some very trick arrows at his disposal. Ransom's question gets Ajax thinking...

You have chosen character number 18 out of a possible 3

Day 1 - Aboard the Winking WyvernOnce
mostly anyway
everyone is mustered on the docks, you are shuttled aboard the tri-masted sloop Winking Wyvern where you stay out of the way as the female dwarven captain shouts commands to her crew. Once lines are cast off, the sails are trimmed and the ship is underway, a sailor hands you a leather pouch with
Faction Missions, see the Miscellaneous Thread
individually addressed missives and for some, packages, and a note from Venture-Captain Shelia Heidmarch for all to read:

You sail for Rivenrake Island among the ruins of Xin-Bakrakhan, ancient capital of the Thassilonian Runelord of Wrath. A Society-funded dig team has uncovered a totally intact temple that appears to be associated with the goddess Lissala, buried for 10,000 years. They sent a message asking for urgent aid, and you're it.

Given the fresh revelations that this long-thought-dead cult is thriving and allied with the Aspis Consortium, itís a truly wonderful find, providing an unprecedented opportunity to gain knowledge of this forgotten faith. Even if the site turns out to not be dedicated to Lissala, learning more about the faiths and practices of ancient Thassilon always provides an abundance of knowledge. Often the items they use in their rituals lead to clues about the cults.

By now the work crew has finished clearing the siteóthe time to explore its secrets is at hand. The Society has no exclusive contract to the site, and Aspis Consortium agents scour the countryside seeking such ripe targets, so time is of the essence. Archaeologists Halla Beusophis and Kovo Murse can answer questions when the group arrives, and a fellow Pathfinder ranger, Riemme Batelle, is already on the island, ready to join in this exciting endeavour.

Eliminate the ancient templeís dangers so that Society scholars can study the ruins safely, and bring back whatever knowledge lies within.

~Venture-Captain Sheila Heidmarch
There is much to be gained with Knowledge:History and Knowledge:Religion checks.

Ajax begins honing his weapons while he waits to get underway...."There's not much in the way of people where we're going. Most of the island is dry and windswept so it's no wonder there are nothing but ruins these day." Ajax begins contemplating what an army of clerics with create water might be able to do while he waits for someone in the group to tell him what he doesn't know about the culture.

You have chosen character number 18 out of a possible 3


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