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Ransom opens his mouth to impart some of his own wisdom, halting as he looks down at the note from the VC that gives it all away. He scowls at the note, then turns that scowl on Ajax.

Blades whetted.

"So apparently the Society has determined that the best way to prevent us from asking questions is to send a messenger with our itineraries once we're already at sea. Well played Heidmarch..well played."

Aukan breaks out laughing at Tal's response to the letter, wondering just how much experience these guys had with the Venture Captain. Ah well! Questions generally ended up going the same way- kill the enemy, loot the place of the day. Still grinning merrily, the dwarf kept his silence as he waited for the ship to get underway.

Jalil reads the missive with a sigh. Another in the long line of cults trying to wring power for themselves from the backs of the Dawnflower's children. He spends his time aboard ship watching his fellow Pathfinders, trying to get a handle on their personalities and abilities.

having arrived on the boat, long before the others being that she had only just arrived back from her last mission when she was intercepted by a Seneschal from the Pathfinder Society and told to report here, she had long sense had the opportunity to glance over the missive that told her what her job for this mission would be. Shilandra has thus also had time to consider the best course of action for the journey and to try to recall anything she may have heard about the area they are going to.

Once the others have arrived Shilandra hangs back on the boat waiting for them all to get settled before she finally decides to make her presence known to them. Once they are settled she opts to go up to the only others of Elven Blood and introduce herself "Hello, I am Shilandra Daliandos, and it appears I shall be accompanying you on this journey." Shilandra for her part is a thing of exquisite beauty, long flowing auburn hair, with striking green eyes. Typically short as is usual for many Elven females. Though her skin color is unusually tan which is strange for Elves in this part of the world. Though she does appear to have her hair tied to the sides in a braid of some sort so as to keep it out of her face during combat. She is accompanied by a large creature with silvery armor and an extremely powerful muscular build who looms over her in a rather protective manner. This creature is carrying what appears to be a rather large Battle Axe and seems to be taking care of all of her supplies.

Day 1, afternoon - Aboard the Winking Wyvern
The journey across the Varisian Bay is relatively comfortable as the ship cuts through gentle waves in a broad reach, though for those prone to sea sickness there is still all together too much motion. The ship's crew gives you a wide berth, perhaps out of respect, perhaps out of superstition about the ship's destination.

The Captain, a female dwarf named Haerla Skolet approaches after being relieved on watch. She speaks in a brusque, businesslike tone as if reading from a list. "We should arrive before midday tomorrow. There is a mud-bottomed bay not far from the dig site where we'll anchor, send you to shore in the skiffs and wait for your return. Do you have any questions for me?"

With one final scowl at Ajax, Ransom turns to the Captain and using his most
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 8 (Total = 17)
winning smile (17), asks, "I'm afraid none of us have been here before. You seem to know the area... do you have any information that you think might be useful to us?"

Day 1, afternoon - Aboard the Winking Wyvern
"I just know what's on the charts and where that Heidmarch woman told me to go. People avoid the island as there's tales it's haunted, BUT THAT'S HOGWASH." She projects her voice for the last part so her crew could hear. "Your destination is not up the mountain so from what I remember, it's just grass and rock."

Ransom nods sagely, "Of course it is all just superstition, but still... you could indulge a halfling's curiosity?"

Day 1, afternoon - Aboard the Winking Wyvern
Haerla frowns, "I really don't know much more. Nobody lives there, probably because there isn't much for water, except on the slopes of the mountain. From the water, you can see all kinds of broken buildings and carved stone - looks like some old smashed city, just like's all over these coastlines. D'd'you know there's a huge carved head in the water Northwest of Sandpoint?"


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