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Ransom again nods
Bluff to pretend knowledge:
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sagely, "Yeah! It's one of those thingies. Whelp, thanks for all your help, I guess we should go. Urgent business and all. Will you be waiting for our return?"

Day 1, afternoon - Aboard the Winking Wyvern
"Absolutely. I've been paid to wait until the
i.e. until you get TPK'd or come back victorious
end of the month.
" Hearing something, her eye drifted up to the foresail and she bellowed, "WILLARD, PORGY! CAN'T YOU SEE THAT SAIL IS LUFFING?"

The dwarf scowled as her crew scattered, using the winch to tighten the foresail's sheet line. She looked back to the party, "I'd better get back to my duties. Try to drink lots of water and keep your eyes on the horizon or lay down if you feel sick. Flag me down if you need anything."

The advice has clearly come to late for Aukan- though unbelievably tough, the seas had a way to get to the now-green dwarf.

The son of a trading nation, Jalil quickly matches his stride to the rolling of the ship's deck. He listens intently to the conversation between Captain Skolet and Ransom, taking in the knowledge avidly. He pays attention to the captain's schedule, looking for a moment he can catch her away from prying ears.

Day 1, afternoon - Aboard the Winking Wyvern - Aside
Captain Skolet and Jalil leave the deck for a moment to talk in her cabin.

Day 2, midday
"Land ho!"

The captain expertly piloted her ship into a wide bay on Rivenrake Island, waiting until the last moment to turn the boat into the wind, causing the sails to luff and the ship to drift backwards just as the anchor was cast to the bottom. Once the dwarf was satisfied that the anchor was set, she had the right amount of road out and her ship was secure, she ordered a pair of skiffs be raised from the hold and launched to take the party of Pathfinders ashore.

The sailors were largely silent as they rowed, and none of them actually set foot on the island, leaving each of you to jump into the lapping waves of the kelp and oyster-covered cobble beach. Without a word, they pointed at a path leading up into the rocky hills before using their oars to retreat back to the Winking Wyvern.


The path leads to an encampment with a half-dozen bedraggled souls living in rugged tents sufficient for four times their number. A grim-looking woman in work clothes, with signs of emotional strain and fatigue lining her face comes to the edge of the encampment to greet you.

Thank goodness you’ve arrived. I'm Halla Beusophis.” begins the careworn Pathfinder. “Two days ago workers at the dig site were attacked, by what or whom I don’t know. I was here at camp when it happened. Only a single worker escaped—Shadaq, who crawled back here, bleeding from a dozen terrible injuries. The wounds were mortal and none of us here possessed the skill to aid him. Before he died we got little information. He told us of the attack, said everyone had been, ‘gutted like game birds.’ His last words—as his eyes violently rolled back in his head—were ‘Lissala is angry, but so am I.’

The six of us are all that’s left—myself and these five hired excavators. They’ve refused to go back to the site and I didn’t dare go alone. We’ve been huddled in these damned tents since Wealday, waiting for your arrival. I’ll take you to the dig myself, but I don’t know what we’ll find. If Shadaq’s words are true, it won’t be pretty. Only the gods know whether those same attackers lie in wait.

The sailors' reticence regarding the island strikes Jalil as odd; he listens to the excavation leader with half an ear as he
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thinks about the implications . . . something tickles at the back of his mind, but he has a hard time putting a finger on it.

"Allow us to see to your wounds, my friends. Then we will talk about what you've seen and heard at the dig site."

Tal knows precious little about the true art of healing, but he's bandaged a few wounds in his time so he has a look at the injured workers to see what aid he can offer; hoping that others with more skilled hands will join him.

Ajax extends an arm to greet the woman. "Well met Halla, though I wish the circumstances could be better. I take it no one has seen any tracks around the camp nor caught scent of anything in the air?" Ajax takes a look to the sky as if judging the weather.

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Ransom once again puts to use his most
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winning smile (18), "I'm sorry for your loss. Is there anything you can tell us about the layout of the dig site? Does anyone know this Lissala, or what he might have been referring to?"

Guidanced as well:
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Know Local if of any use (13)


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