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Aukan groans at the edge of the camp, glad to be on land again, cursed or not. Overhearing the digger's plight, Aukan
Perception and Survival:
Dice Roll:
1d20+7 1d20+6
d20 Results: 9 (Total = 16)
d20 Results: 17 (Total = 23)
searched the area for signs of trouble.

Day 1, afternoon - Aboard the Winking Wyvern - Aside

Day 2, midday - Dig Camp

Looking to the wandering Aukan, Halla offers, "The temple's a ways into the hills in an alluvium-filled valley. I'll take you there when you're ready, but let's talk over a bit of lunch." A simple spread is prepared while Talhearn looks over the
The only "survivor" was Shadaq, who died after limping back to camp after the attack.
uninjured remainder of the expedition. Halla explains that they have more than enough food and accommodations to host the group while they conduct their investigation, as well as a host of digging, excavating and cataloguing tools if they should be needed.

While the party eats, Halla gets to Ransom's question, "The temple is an impressive free-standing domed structure, made of fitted tan stone, remarkably well preserved—unnaturally well preserved. There are two possible entrances on a pillared portico, both of them bricked over with stone and hardened clay. There’s also a circular opening at the peak of the dome, an oculus about 5 feet wide, but we stayed clear of that after discovering it during the excavation. Our work has consisted almost exclusively of moving away debris so the temple can be explored; when we go up there, you can walk the perimeter before you enter."

"My colleague, Kovo Murse and his team had just started penetrating the inner structure when the attack happened." She clears her throat and drinks some of the aromatic tea that had been served with lunch.

"To the topic of Lissala, our understanding until recently was that her worship died with the collapse of Thassilon, though her worship was not appreciated by all of the Runelords. In the days of the empire she was a god who demanded discipline and obedience, harsh and exacting. Toward the end of the empire, worship became corrupted into a more brutal affair. Uncovered evidence shows that there was also a fair amount of demon worship taking place in Bakrakhan."

"Some of the carvings on the temple suggest human sacrifice and otherworldly creatures, though I need more time to study those carvings for real certainty. That’s why you’re here—to make it safe for us to study."

Ajax listens and eats just enough to satiate his hunger. When Halla is done, he queries "Where are the workers from? Are they local?"

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Jalil settles with the others and tucks into his meal with gusto. He listens intently to the conversation, nodding his agreement with Halla's recitation of facts known about Lissala and her worship but adds nothing of his own.

Day 2, midday - Dig Camp
"Not local to here, no. Except for a handful of seasonal fishing camps and the occasional treasure hunter, there aren't many people on this island. No, we hired them in Magnimar so while most are Varisian, some are from further afield than that."

Ajax nods with a laugh, "Well, yes, I meant local to the region, not the island." Ajax rises and nods to the others, "Perhaps I will join Tal and look at the others for any signs of sickness. I'd also like to examine the one who perished if that's all right with you?"

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The Inquisitor looks up from his meal at Ajax inquiry about examining the body of the "survivor." "I, too, would be interested in examining the body. Mind an extra set of eyes, Ajax?"

"I could certainly use any assistance you might offer. Let's take a look at Shadaq first. " Ajax waits for Halla to lead them to the dead body.

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