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Konk moves forward and drags Ransom out and as far nack as he can.

Day 3, Morning, Undertemple
The ghast stalks across the room after its sole remaining target.

Round 6: Chasing
  • Aukan | 27/40 (33/46) - Rage 8/13, Fatigue 2/2, Paralyzed 2/5
  • Ransom 24/31 - Diseased, Cursed, Paralyzed 1/5
  • Kronk | 16/17 - Shield 4/20
  • Ajax | 20/20 -
  • Talhaearn | 26/27 -
  • Jalil | 15/15 - Sickened
  • Tholrist 33/64 - Channels 0/7, Fury of the Abyss 1/9

Dice Roll: 1d20z
d20 Results: 2
Fort (2) Just lovely]

Ransom | Ioun Torch, dropped one blade, Cursed: -4 to attack, saves, skills, ability checks

Tal having done his part, Ajax prepares to do his, "
Elven:Jalil, I'll need your Guidance
Naurain, Aya'n lyan uin Learaumbe. Kronk, you'll need to grab Aukan, I'll cover you." "

Unable to find any characters in game 10073

Kronk gets Aukan out.

Day 3, Morning, Undertemple
Jalil complies and Ajax moves into position. The ghast moves to the middle of the room, grasps the sunrod and jams it in the folds of its robes as the ranger's arrow flies across the tiles.

Round 6: Darkening
  • Aukan | 27/40 (33/46) - Rage 8/13, Fatigue 2/2, Paralyzed 3/5
  • Ransom 24/31 - Diseased, Cursed, Paralyzed 2/5
  • Kronk | 16/17 - Shield 5/20
  • Ajax | 20/20 - Take Ajax's readied attack with Guidance
  • Talhaearn | 26/27 -
  • Jalil | 15/15 - Sickened
  • Tholrist 33/64 - Channels 0/7, Fury of the Abyss 1/9

Moving on. Ajax's readied attack happens before he steals your light. He's now in dim light. Tal couldn't quite make it that far due to the spikes on the mosaic.

Ajax, annoyed that the ghast would start collecting trophies, fires a warning shot.

Unable to find any characters in game 10073
These dice sets were omitted or moved: 1d20+6+1 1d8+1

Day 3, Afternoon, Shrine of Mortification Aftermath
After repeated sorties that takes well into the afternoon, the Ghast finally perishes. Searching the room, the group finds Ransom's lost blade and Ajax's wand in a hidden compartment of the altar along with a set of obsidian scalpels, platinum needles and other strange fleshcarving instruments in a porcelain case. The Ghast was wearing a mithral chain shirt and a conspicuously golden gold ring.

Further, hung around the ghast's neck is another piece of the metal veil or mask that Talhearn has been collecting. It looks to be a jaw guard of some kind, and would clip into the cheek guard found in the room with the sinspawn.

While the others look for loot, Aukan paces the room, eventually noticing a hidden doorway in the east wall. The altar meanwhile is still covered in the shattered and marrow-eaten remains of the missing labourers.


I'll take everyone's /day uses of their class abilities (so Aukan used all his rage rounds as well, for instance) plus whatever potions would have gone down the hatch for a fully prepped attack. Scout's honour.

Dice Roll: 2
d Results:
These dice were omitted, altered, or moved: 1d6z
Original Dice: 1d6z
Wand charges

After retrieving his sunrod and wand, Ajax picks up the chain shirt and gold ring. "I imagine Tal might get the best use of this mithral shirt. The ring...guess we'll need to know what it does first." Ajax tosses the shirt to Tal and tries the ring on to see if he notices any changes, hoping it's not cursed.

Unable to find any characters in game 10073

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