3E, Rotating GM, 1970s Superheroes

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3E, Rotating GM, 1970s Superheroes

Heroes and Blackguards - Forum
Mutants and Masterminds
Estimated Members Requested: 2


Summary- Anyone interested in playing and GMing a DCA/MnM3E 1970's light-hearted world, this might be for you.

The Game- We are looking for 1 or 2 more GMs to join us in a Mutants and Masterminds Third (3d) Edition game. Aka DC Adventures RPG. This is a game ONLY FOR GMs. There will be NO "Only-Players."

Atmosphere- Not dark, not four-color. The best way I can describe the atmosphere of the game is to say it like this- it's like an average tabletop group. It's not the super-serious drama group. It's not the "we-so-funny can't-keep-on-track" group. It's just an average group who crack jokes and get serious.

Character Creation- We're looking for GMs. That said, since all the GMs need characters, it's PL 11 with 167 PP. (Btw, we're discussing in game lowering the PL back down to 10, but keeping the PP at 167. FYI)

Game Format- Each GM will GM games, and each GM will play games. You'll probably play more than you GM, unless you love GMing that much. New GMs MUST RUN A GAME as soon as possible, after playing in 1 full game.

Rules- Because there are several GMs, there will be disagreements on interpretation. Most decisions on disagreements will be made by simple majority voting. Since everyone is a GM, everyone has equal say in the future of the world we’ll be playing in.

Post Rate- Couple times a week. Don't slow down the group.

How to apply- First, please express interest here.

Second, think really, really, hard if this is the right game for you. You need to be the type of person who has a cooperative spirit. No one has absolute control over the future course of the world we’ll be playing in. Things that are sacred to you may not be sacred to others, and ultimately may be changed. This could be an incredibly rewarding game, but you have to have the right attitude coming in. Immaturity won’t work here.

Third, write an application. There is NO FORMAT for the application. Just like each person is a GM, we trust each person to come up with a good application. Maybe you want to write about you. Maybe you want to write about a character. Maybe you want to write a story. Any and or all of those are fine applications. Think of it as your first chance to be creative in a game that requires creativity.

Lore- The year is 1970.

The First Generation of heroes appeared during World War II. Led by Wonder Woman and Captain America, these heroes fought against the Axis in a desperate attempt to prevent the fall of freedom throughout the world. Only with the destruction of two supervillains, Ra's al Ghul in Hiroshima (former liaison to Nazi Germany) and Dr. Doom in Nagasaki was the war ended.

After the end of the war the heroes quickly faded from the spotlight. Most of the heroes went home, back to families and the simpler life. The world didn't need them anymore. A few stayed in the press, though, and involved themselves with politics. Their desire was to ensure that never again would villains gain enough power and momentum to throw the world into war. They enacted tough laws, many under put to paper by Senator Joseph McCarthy, requiring anyone with exceptional abilities to register with the United States Department of Extra-Human Affairs aka the Government Heroes Act (GHA).

And life moved on.

Things began to darken in the 1960s. The Cuban Missile Crisis left the world seconds from destruction, but for the brave efforts of The Flash (who has remained in the public eye). Television made it possible for the average citizen to see what was happening in the world within a day, instead of within a month. What they saw scared them.

Heroes, and villains, seemed to be emerging again.

In small pockets around the world, a few people are feeling tinges inside. Something is changing in their bodies, and it's not the same as puberty. Be it a little bit more strength, or a little quicker at getting stuff done, or maybe even finally understanding that the heck that girl in the mailroom is thinking, a few people are discovering that their world is changing.

A few of those folks have got together, sailing down a riverboat on the Mississippi. They always seem to be where they're needed...

Game Description:

The year is 1970. It's a new decade and the free world is in desperate need of hope. Six years of Vietnam have depressed the American psyche. Nixon has a firm grasp of the Presidency while his nemesis, Leonid Breznev, keeps pushing for an end, a Soviet end, to the Cold War.

The Americans are feeling a bit of triumph, though. For the first time in recorded history a man has stood on the moon, carried there by the Stark Enterprises created Apollo lunar module. Lexcorp prepares its own module for the second visit.

The My Lai Massacre in Vietnam is still hotly debated in the media. Charles Manson is still at large after his cult commits murder in a Hollywood home. Violence wracks Ireland as the country sues for freedom from Britain.

Sesame Street premieres. Monty Python's Flying Circus does too. The Beatles are still releasing albums, and Elvis is still alive (and getting fat).

And somewhere, a bunch of ordinary people begin to feel a bit exceptional.

Call me DRK, if needed. Remember rule one- when in doubt, do something.
Mon-Fri (GMT+7) normal posting.

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Oh NO ... not another game that interests me with Freeclint in it ???

Oh, and BTW, check my Avatar -- IT IS THE TICK

OK, so this is my Application, pick me, pick me thing

------------------------- Awesome Application Below ---------------------------------

I am a Geek, a big Uber, got all the comics, buy all the books, see all the movies and then complain about everything they got wrong in it -- then get it on DVD when it comes out geek.

I prefer the Marvel Universe because I think the dysfunctional Avengers kick the Justice League's butt (not physically of course because old Supe rocks and no one ie sexier then Wonder Woman -- ok, perhaps She-Hulk) and I've always been an X-Man fan (despite what the movies did to the comics -- did I mention I complain for weeks after a DC / Marvel Comics movie comes out about what was wrong with it ???)

I have noticed that Stark and LexCorp have had input to the NASA missions so you're obviously not going for the full on DC or Marvel world, so that is cool as we can run visit Gotham City, Metropolis or visit Spidey in NYC (of course Spidey gets all the best lines and has done so forever).

A bit about (more) about me. I've only been playing RPG's since 1979, and therefore my GM'ing skills are still relatively new (having only 20+ years experience). I am a prolific poster and as of this moment are only playing in six games (it was 11 at one stage, but you know MW games, they often collapse faster than a deck of cards) and DM'ing one here on MW (the re-released Against the Giants dnd4e adventure which I just happened to play over a 18 month period in the early 80's).

I must say I am a relative noobie to MnM (having just made a PL10 character for a game starting next month at my RL game club) and so haven't actually played a game of MnM yet, so would welcome perhaps a couple of games as a player to get the mechanics of the game stuck in my head (as well as learning those same factors next month at my RL GC).

As such, I'd prefer not to make up a character unless you were happy to have me join your group,

It's short, it's sweet ...


P.S. "'Nam, man. You don't know man, you weren't there ..."

--------- End of what should have been an awesome Application but most likely turned into a ramble / rant --------------


Hmm.... So it's not to late to be applying to this is it?
I defiantly have stuff to GM, and can come up with a character pretty quick.
Have never GMed 3rd ed. But Have plenty of exp with 2E, And I have the book and what not.

so Anyways. That's PL:10 with 167 Character Points... Interesting.

Hi blackstarravn,

i believe it's PL 11 currently with 167 PP

But may go back to PL 10 (I've only just joined myself ...) but retain the 167 PP


Ahh OK. Well then to be honest there is nothing to stop me from just making it as a PL:10 with 167 points. It's only 1 PL anyways. Now I just got to think of a super hero to make and of a first storyline I would want to run.

Will close in a day or two. Probably Monday since I don't post much on weekends.

We're looking over apps now, and will send invite or note to anyone with a full app.

Thanks all,


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