No Heaven... No Hell... Only the Ocean...

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No Heaven... No Hell... Only the Ocean...

Ocean: Age of the Magus - Forum
Savage Worlds
Estimated Members Requested: 5

The world of Ocean is a completely original world; with a style that blends Fantasy, Steampunk, and Clockwork themes. It is a world of action, political intrigue and secrets. Oh so many secrets. It’s up to the players to find out the truths of this world if they so wish. It won’t be easy, and you may not like what you find out, however.

The game is going to be a three part story, but each story could technically be considered its own self-contained tale since a bit of time passes between each major arc. If you are in for the long run, great; if not, then that’s okay too, just be active for your stay.

This game shall be run using the Savage Worlds system with slight modification. This game has a heavy emphasis on plot, so if you only care about min/maxing your way through a series of unconnected battles, this is not the game for you. That said, this is a very action packed game. All PCs shall be magic using characters, but they aren’t your usual Magic Missile slinging folk. Variety and choice are the name of the game here. You want a gunslinger who summons spectral beasts? You got it. A swordswoman who commands lightning? Yep. A bareknuckle brawler who takes on the aspects of a dragon? Sure, why not? If you can make it coherent, I can make it happen.

Looking for 3-5 players. Must be able to post at a rate of at least once every 1-2 days(as this will be a very team-oriented game). Players will start at the Novice rank, and the standard signup rules (with modifications explained in detail). Experience in Savage Worlds is not necessarily tantamount. If you are new I’m willing to work with you, and if you are more experienced than me(You prolly are) then I’m open to your support as well. Writing ability or at least the
love to write is important though.

The first part of this game will focus on really letting players get to know the world that is the Isle as well as the people and creatures who dwell upon it. While the Magi themselves will play a prominent role in this chapter(considering the fact that the PCs are all Magi), this tale will be more focused on the Isle as a whole, as opposed to future installments.

Without further ado, here's the teaser to Book I: The Thousand Year Treaty

Book I – The Thousand Year Treaty

For many in the nation of Saoxin, the Thousand Year Treaty is a truce that ended the 500 year conflict between their homeland and the vicious heathens of the Union of Free Peoples. For the tribes joined in the Union, the treaty does nothing more than symbolize the injustices their people have had to endure for nearly a millenia from the intolerant religious fanatics to the North. Caught in the middle are the Magi of the Order, who have used their state of neutrality as well as the Thousand Year Treaty to keep the peace. But with the treaty’s reevaluation date coming up, the Magi realize that this fragile balance may fall to pieces if agitated, and with the increase of monster attacks, border clashes and rogue Magi activity, all that’s needed to set this powder keg off is a single spark, something you(the players) will be tasked with preventing at all costs.

Game Description:

In a world where death is no longer a mystery and the line between the living and the dead is constantly being blurred, Magi, humans who have gained the gift of magic through their own demise, are tasked with keeping the peace for a people that will never accept them, and to find the truth in a world full of lies and secrets. Survival and making every day count is crucial because for those living on the Isle...

There is no Heaven...
There is no Hell...

There is only the Ocean.

Burn in the everlasting hellfire of creation! Be utterly annihilated down to the very last scrap of D-N-A!
@_@ Always shocks me how fast this board moves. Let me know if you have any questions, and assuming Im not sloppy drunk I'll give an appropriate response. If I am... well, it won't be appropriate, but at least it'll be amusing.

Heh, already working up concepts Gemini .

You have GOT to be kidding me... This is all original, you are running it in Savage Worlds, and you are allowing for customization of that magnitude!

Can... Can I hug you, man?

Sorry I won't be able to take part in this, but I wish you the best of luck.

By the way, you should close the Planning thread before the Mods get on to you.

Tregod - I kid you naught. This'll be fun on a bun.

Detail Devil - No worries, there will be later Books, and I may open up signups once more this part if it makes sense plot-wise. Thanks for the tip, btw.

Awweeh wish I could play in this just dropped by to wish you luck man love the concept.

Thanks alot Hisage. Good luck with any of your endeavors as well.


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