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2032: Zombie Survival

I'd introduce a bit of variability into some of the numbers. For example, I think the last time I got a solid 6 hours of sleep was a week ago, and the previous time was a week before that. I get by perfectly well on 5 hours a night. On the other hand, if I was in combat or doing an intensely physical job, I'd be a wreck if I wasn't getting at least 7 hours.

The idea I was going for is that under normal conditions, a character wouldn't even be affected. I did 6 hours because I figured it would probably be bare bones what someone in peak physical condition could endure. Even then, if characters are out in the Wastelands it probably isn't too likely they would actually get to sleep that long. The rules exist so that a GM has the option of hammering the players in as many ways possible. Getting through the encounters isn't necessarily about who is packing the biggest gun anymore.

Maybe I could make a note that each survival system is optional and adding more increases the difficulty of the game. In that way, a GM could opt to run a game utilizing the Nutrition and Hope systems but leaving out the Energy one. Or any combination of the three to make the game a little more challenging. Or none even...god forbid. Did I just waste my time...?

Originally Posted by Dalar View Post
I don't have time to get too in-depth with fleshing things out, but I'll swing by from time to time to offer advice/comments.

Licensing and quarantine makes perfect sense, and should be a good fit.

The base mechanic looks like it should do well, since a GM can easily adjust things to produce the desired difficulty. I'm interested to see how you determine base attributes, since they'll prove critical to how effective the characters are. Even if you decide to go with a random method of stat generation, including a point-buy option will please the people who are frowned upon by the Stat Dice gods. As one of said people, I'm a fan of point-buy because it's no fun playing a "normal" in a party of "heroic" characters.
Sorry to take so long responding to this. I just found it when I was re-reading the thread and forgot I had seen it on my phone.

The method I have right now has the players rolling 4d10 x 4 and assigning the numbers to the various attributes. A point buy option is really easy to work in, though. I imagine I could do 120 overall, giving the players the ability to put 30 into each stat then by adding 10 we can increase their relative power levels. 130 would give them, potentially, 30 in three characteristics and 40 in one. 140 would be 30 30 40 40 or whatever. I am looking at this now thinking 40% chance to succeed for a level 1 might be a bit too high though...hmmm...

Well, 4d10
The formula for finding the average number for a single die is as follows: (die size / 2) + 0.5

Thus each d10 averages 5.5, a d12 averages 6.5, a d8 averages 4.5, etc.
averages 22 points, so that'd be the general result for these exceptional characters. A strong character
If they rolled 5-6-9-10, for instance.
might have a 30 in their prime attribute, so if the Test Target is 60 for something that uses that attribute, the character would have a 71% chance of succeeding if they have to tie the target or a 70% chance if they have to beat it. If the Test Target was 95, the character would only have a 36% chance of succeeding. Nothing says a GM can't set the target above 100, though.


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