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Play-Testers and Idea Bouncers for Our Game

Play-Testers and Idea Bouncers for Our Game

Lurker since 2009 here.

We are currently running our Kickstarter to get funded. Due to the unique nature of the project, we may have specific things we need to playtest. Such as specific rules, races, skills, abilities, and so forth and how they interact with the current rules. We are taking and accepting ideas into our already developed game from people who pledge and putting them in the game and then printing it. So things like NPC's, roles, races, and so on could impact our current ruleset.

Would anyone be interested in play-testing and some random idea bouncing?
The rules are pretty cut and dry, based on a normal card system(poker cards work fine) Basically A stat+skill+a card draw versus a target difficulty.

If the Kickstarter is successful we would need about 30 play-testers. We would supply a kit free of charge.
The kit would include:
  1. Specialized card deck with the art
  2. character sheets
  3. pre-gened characters
  4. maps for local areas
  5. starter adventure
  6. suggestions of specific things to test

Would anyone be interested in that? We would love to have some of you.
We would give you access to our website forum and a special game tester area to discuss what you have found or questions. I could give play-testers a credit in the game as well if that would entice anyone.

For info about the game-
it is AfterEarth: The Fall on Kickstarter.

I read over the kickstarter and have to say the ideas seem quite intriguing and I would love to have a look at the material and play test it. This seems like just the thing for my spastic mind that wants it all but is always forced to a specific genre. I am currently in between gaming groups but I do have a few friends that would most likely be interested in looking it over and possibly help play testing as well as a very creative writer fiance who would probably look over it as well.

Please feel free to message me or email me on this site, I can provide my email and RL info (as I know IP and creative material must be protected,especially in a Beta phase, and even though you want to allow input you have to make sure your ideas aren't stolen from under you or have someone from another company sabotage you).

I would happily participate. I read much of the kickstarter and a lot of what was said interests me.

Please feel free to contact me on this site.

The idea looks interesting, but I don't have an active gaming group. I am a professional editor, however, so if I can volunteer my services in that way feel free to contact me via PM here.

Good luck!

Hi, I have an active gaming group both on and off the site and we would love to try this out.

I'd be happy to play test this with my gaming group when I go back to college for the spring semester.

Excellent all. We would love to have you. I have a couple onling blog and magazine interviews I got asked to do today. I think that will be a good indicator of where we are in the whole kickstarter process. Amazing to hear that even some professionals have caught went of it.

Spread the word where you can.

I will post back here and if anyone new reads this, we will still need even more testers! I will also make sure that the book indicates the Myth-Weaver testers versus others, so that I can call you guys out if we succeed.

I could play test this I think it would be awesome. I can use it as a way to get some of my peeps together. By all means add me to your list I love doing this sort of thing!

Just got some pretty bad news. I did not know that Obsidian decided to announce a game that ends the same exact day we do. I have been inundated with emails asking me to cancel so that those who pledged(some as high as the 400.00 mark) could instead pledge for the undisclosed game that Obsidian is making. Some of the interviews we were asked to do also got canceled so that the writers could write stories about the Obsidian game.
In the spirit of things, Obsidian has nothing, just an idea, which is actually probably more of a Kickstarter than we are, as we actually have a product(though it needs polish, art etc)

I will have to discuss with my artists and project people to decide. 3 of the $1,000 backers have already backed out from our project. I will have more tomorrow.


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