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Play-Testers and Idea Bouncers for Our Game

I am dying here. broken in areas it is beyond impossible to work with hahahaha.
Well sent an apology and the update on the website has no picture just a link to the picture.
Thanks Xaviien.
Going to bed.
I wouldn't be anywhere if it weren't for you guys thats for sure!

Enjoy your well earned rest. I'm sure your eyes and brain are burning, and the taste of stale coffee is starting to make you feel sick. (sorry if I'm being presumptuous, that's how I usually feel before I sleep, during my "creative" moods)

Hi there. Just saw this and read through your whole thread. Sounds like a great concept. If you still need playtesters, I'd be happy to volunteer. My gaming group welcomes new games and we love discussing what worked well and what didn't. Please feel free to shoot me a PM if you still need testers.

Good luck on your game!

Something Awful has a big traditional gaming crowd-funding thread. Do you have to pay for forum accounts there?

I just found out that I lost 45 story seeds from last night due to a bad synch. Darn it.

Interview up

They made a couple small mistakes in the translation but its good. I found out that the interviewer works as much as I do and we bonded over long work hours on something we love! Very nice folks.

lol yeah I tried to sign up for Something Awful, it costs a $10 flat fee. It actually sounds like a good idea:

A Message To the Newbies!

We here on the Something Awful Forums are very elitist and strict assholes. We pride ourselves on running one of the most entertaining and troll-free forums on the internet. This is accomplished by charging a $10 fee to filter out folks not serious about adhering to the rules, and banning those who manage to slip through and break them. We are very serious about keeping our forums clean and troll-free, so please consider your account an investment and treat it accordingly. Read the rules, use common sense, and help keep the SA Forums the best message board on the internet!
Edit: I especially like the edit tag at the bottom of posts. instead of the old "Xaviien edited this post" it says something like "Xaviien f**ked around with this post".

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