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Hahahaha. "Crap. No. Damn." :3 Malanthrax you are one hard working son of a gun.

Side note, if I had a bit of access to just a list of races and places, I could probably pump out 1000 story seeds in 1000 minutes (could, not would.) If it would be of any help, I'd love to start working on seeds, and I can get my whole clan working on it. (Will, Sam, Sarah, and maybe even Alex and Joseph... so thats 5 other people from my clan I could get on this ) if you need story seeds, I'd love to help you out.

Story seeds can't be created that way. Each has to be created in specific way so fit within categories and then also not repeat themselves across various categories. I appreciate the offer but they are probably the main thing that can't be offloaded elsewhere and has to be done by 1 person who knows the gameworld inside and out.

Most assuredly I appreciate the offer though!

Just that I posted and some of their people donated.

Also I got a youtube video up inside the Kickstarter explaining 2 GM extensions. I will redo them tomorrow for lighting and brevity but if you want to know what an extension is, those are the videos to watch. I am not an actor so excuse the occasional fumbled word.

Ask questions if you have any. I am waiting for one of my musical scores for the game to export so I will be available for a bit.

Lots of new data coming tommorow. Today I got a ton done which was nice. Also more new pics from Boco incoming.
New pics include;
  • Music Man character
  • Scientist Character
  • Reever Bone Doctor Character
  • 2 Landscape peices.

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