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Thanks for the suggestions about the card. I see what you mean. We do have it a particular way for a reason. However I may ask him to look at it again. He has moved on to the queen and from what I can tell the face cards from various decks go right or left depending on the deck, manufacturer and so forth. We are going with a left and right sided deck(pips in all 4 corners) so it becomes moot sort of.

As for suggestions, feel free. PM them if they are long.
I would say I currently have about 23 full single spaced pages of suggestions from KickStarter people, forums people and so forth. Its going to take a week or so to go through it. Scary thing is, so much of the advice is contradictory, as expected but still wow.

We WILL be coming back in December with the RPG.
It will be at a lower goal, some contributions will be still available, cards will not be.

In just a couple days we will start the KickStarter for the AfterEarth Apocolyptica card deck. I had a ton of people who have successful ran card campaigns on KickStarter all tell me that I should be happy if we don't pass the AfterEarth RPG this go around because a card deck is an entire project all by itself. We have over 100 orders for cards which means 100 shipments minimum. If we suddenly exploded to our goal we could x10. Which is a tremendous amount of work from what I am hearing from card deck peeps. We planned on it being hard think it makes more sense to do 2 kickstarters.

The cards for Oct-Nov and the RPG from Nov-Dec.

Thank you as always for all the support!

If you can support the card deck. I will post the link here later.

That is great news. Good to see the "failure", for lack of a better term, halfway through my first cuppa of the day, hasn't dampened your spirits.
My wife and I got our first government handout today, and so long as I don't have to pledge an insane amount, I will be pledging to the deck KS as soon as you post it. Fate, destiny, luck, or God's will, has brought "us" here, and I believe he/she/it is on your side.
Remember a lot of your orders will come from overseas, so be sure to allow for shipping costs, or charge $5-10 extra for international pledgers.

As for the slicing of the image, I'm not talking about left/right, I mean lining up the bodies of the guy, and completely cutting off the arm that isn't fully shown. I'll edit your card to show you what I mean, as I feel my words are failing me right now.

I hope this helps you see what I mean, despite only 30 seconds of effort and minimal skills. It's also difficult to make it look great without the original full sized image.

Basically, what I'm trying to say is, I think it would look better if his body lined up, his left arm was completely hidden, and no obvious line separating the mirrored images, in the same way regular playing cards are done.
I may have to go try again, using a curved line instead of a straight one...
EDIT: I don't possess the skills or time to make it look good using a curved line.

Just saw your last post. No need to be sorry. It's good practice for the both of us, learning to communicate ideas about images via text. A specialised skill that I need to learn, or avoid completely, and shut up until I open paint.

Originally Posted by Malanthrax View Post
As promised, Diego gave us a test image for the Ace of clubs. I have asked for the old war film footage vertical lines to be removed from the gears.
Malanthrax, I love this card design. The stylized club is perfect, the font is great. The artwork of the "Jack" is great.

I can think of nothing I'd change or add, it's just really beautiful and cool stuff. You're lucky to have such good designers.


Jozeel. I am not sure what you mean exactly. Did you look at the Kickstarter? This is a pen and paper RPG so it does have everything an Pen and Paper RPG needs to have. Character sheets, rules, world information, and all that.

As for playing in a forum, this game uses cards on a 1-13 scale so if you can make your own custom dice in a forum or on a dice rolling you could most likely play without issue. It would negate a good deal of the rules that are built around the cards but even that could be offset to another 1d6 with the card attributes attached to 1 of the 6 faces.

Character sheets - as in the thing at the top of the screen that says "sheets". I don't see an option for your sheets in the list.

As for the cards, I was assuming that as the thread is here it'd be possible to play here which I was hoping to do. It's why I came.

Originally Posted by Malanthrax View Post
Thanks for all the suggestions. I am heading out to a meeting for the game but I can answer one thing.
I WOULD LOVE to change the clubs, diamonds and so on but that negates a huge community of poker players who actually buy specialty cards. It was litteraly the only thing on a list called "DONT TOUCH!"

I agree though I would love to change them.

I will look at replacing the gun sadly the entire game hinges on guns, versus science, versus magic and removing the gun negates that a bit. But I will look to see if a bullet brush, or another gun style brush may fit.
Keep the comments coming everyone!
All those in this thread are getting a free deck if we succeed anyway.
Did you know that Swords used to be a suit, instead of Hearts? I forget the exact date that the change to Hearts was made, but it was a good while ago.

There are some poker aficionados who would prefer a Clubs/Diamonds/Spades/Swords deck over the modern decks, but I don't know if there's enough of them to suit you (no pun intended). Given how your decks would probably not be used in casinos or official tournaments, your only real concern is the guys who play poker with their buddies. Do you think mixing up the suits would be enough of a disruption to cut down on your business?

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