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Dalar, I did know that but only very recently.

I am currently investigating the suits issues with some serious card player groups to find out. Sadly cards have maybe 4 groups.
Roleplayers(they like cool looking stuff), collectors(flawless signed edition, metallic edges freaks), players(durable above everything else, slick finish, high use), and magicians(gaff cards, also good slick finish, and detailed designs)

It is hard as hell to hit even 2 of those groups with overlap. So we are shooting for making the cards we want and hoping to hit one of them

And I will be frank here. The cards are expensive. Which hurt the RPG, and makes doing them as a separate project scary but necessary for various reasons.

I am happy to be doing it though because we will be able to roll out the RPG at a hugely smaller goal and get you guys testing faster.

I think it would be difficult to hit all 4 target markets by trying, but I'm sure an awesome set of RPG cards that can be used for regular card games would appeal to people from all 4 groups.
The setting of AfterEarth means that only people that love dragons and guns (or whatever you put on the faces) will want them. I know a few different people, that don't really fit into any of those groups that would love a deck as a gift, some would play poker with them, and some would display them.
I agree with your conclusion, make the cards you want, and the rest will fall into place, with hard work and luck/fate/destiny/God's will.

Thats the hope. Hey if it doesn't...I will firmly know how to not succeed at a Kickstarter.

I am happy that I have been receiving so many happy people commenting on the cards. That plus the rewrite of AfterEarth just came back and the editor didn't crap a brick this time It was their first time editing a Roleplaying game

Definately like the contrasting red and blue. I feel more contrast should be made however. Blue should represent more the good, I feel, and red, the bad. Not in the essential good vs evil, but in a sort of, this has appeal, this is grit. Even might be as simple as switching which design goes on which color. I feel like blue should have more that romantic good feel and red that gritty dark feel. With the current designs I feel it is present, but could be augmented.

Thematic Ideas for blue (Shit to think about). Life, Power, Luck, Charisma, Redemption, Resurrection.
Thematic Ideas for red. Fear, Loss, Treachery, Taint, Brutality, Defiance.

Another idea,
Been done before? Yes. But it worked perfectly. Paragon is no less desirable than Renegade.

I agree with
Hey, good to see ya still alive
Reaper, at least on the ideas most people associate with red vs blue.
Blue is soft, calm and cool, like water, and red is angry and hot, like fire.

Originally Posted by Xaviien View Post
Hey, good to see ya still alive
Barely, my friend. Barely.


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