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Hey Mal, just noticed your website has an image of the Ace of Clubs with a caption saying it's the Ace of Spades.
Also, you guys still have a link to the "practice" KS in your sigs.

They have received the playing cards and are in the process of mailing them out now.
Can't wait to get my decks, and dice, and stainless steel aces.

I'm sure once that's all over they'll have a bit of a holiday, then hopefully it won't be too long before we see more about the RPG.

Hey thanks Xaviien. Ya that is where we are right now.
We are swamped with shipping and its just my wife and I so right now we are trying to take care of that.

I know Xaviien will love his steel cards. My lord. I expected maybe 1 complaint or 2 just because. But we haven't got a single complaint from the December folks. People love them. So awesome.

RPG news.
What we have is awesome. I can't wait to get back on track with the RPG.


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