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Play-Testers and Idea Bouncers for Our Game

Well we got a ton of updates.
If you guys check the kickstarter update you will see a very basic NPC submission from someone. Something I worked up quickly. If you look closely you can see some hints of some of the rules as well as some placeholder icons that also hint as to some of the uniqueness of our rules.
We also added some awesome new pledges at lower levels.
I am working right now on the tester kits!

Still absolutely interested in this. I'm not exactly a wealthy financial backer, being but a lowly college student, but I'd be happy to A. Donate what I can, B. playtest with my friends, and C. Anything else I can feasibly do that you'd need to help get the project up and running. haha this sounds like a great idea, and I'd love to see it go big.

:3 Kinda the same as skippy cept lowly highschool student! BUT LET ME HELP! MAKE ME USEFUL OH GREAT MASTER! I AM YOUR SLAVE!

Is there a way to donate without a credit card? Again, lowly college student. :-P

This game is a absolute blast to play! I have pledged $400. I don't say that to boast, I just want to see it succeed and I love the world and systems. Can't wait to add content and vote on additions to the final product!

Thanks all! Man. Though we are a long ways away I can see that showing the NPC creation bit and updating the little bits of music for the soundtrack has really paid off.

Thanks all. Trust me you are on the list. As you can tell by my posting times I rarely sleep...even without the added insomnia this Kickstarter has thrown my way.

If we succeed you guys will be busy. I am looking at throwing at least 1 specific gift into the play tester swag JUST for MythWeavers peeps. Like I said I have lurked for years, and that's why I pretty much went straight here when we got the go ahead for the Kickstarter.

Guys no one is rich here. Donate what you can, or nothing at all. It helps to donate, but it also helps just to spread the word. Remember that. If you want to play-test we need to get the ball rolling. So you can help either way, or both ways.

Seriously guys, email, facebook, twitter, inform RPG blogs, and websites. That's a really good way to help!

Again, truly humbled by the support here. I have shown this thread to my wife(co-creator) and the artists and they are just smiling right now!

Wow. Thanks Ronin. I know you said you were one of the playtestors. Its awesome to see someone that stoked. Thanks!

Ok well I checked our donations and where they came from.
Ya guys Twitter, RPG blogs, facebook, and websites hit us with a ton of links to the Kickstarter. Word of mouth and all that. We had a gamer email our group and ask a couple questions before donating and he plunked down a generous donation but even more amazing was his contact with others. He got 11 other people to contribute.


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