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:3 This game is gonna be awesome! Can I like go all fanboy, get all cosplayed up and everything? I've never done a cosplay before!

Originally Posted by DaReaper95 View Post
:3 This game is gonna be awesome! Can I like go all fanboy, get all cosplayed up and everything? I've never done a cosplay before!
No but you can spread the word we need it. ENworld, RPGnet, and so forth.

Also here is a first draft for the poster.
Can whomever needed posters from me, give me feedback on this as soon as possible?

It looks great.

The only thing I'd like to see that isn't on it, is something that says something to the effect of "Come Donate".

That way people realize on first glance that it's a kickstarter campaign and needs funding.

Thanks for any help. Pledges yesterday were awesome. Today it has dried up like the dang desert We will keep plugigng on.

In the next week we will have 3 more pieces from Boco at and 2 more additional pieces from another 2 artists that we haven't worked with before.

We sold out on the 1.00 pledge so now to get the pdf version people need to pay 5.00. Sad to be behind the curve on that one.
I am stoked. I put the hardback version up and though it hasn't lit any fires it saw instant pledges. Makes me happy.

Wow! That's awesome Mal!
I agree with Vox, the words donate and kickstarter should be obvious. Other than that, I can't wait to see it hanging in the window of all my local game shops.
How will it look printed low Res on A4? I think it will look OK, thanks to the high contrast, but I'll show you after I print one, before I post it anywhere, if you like.
Or how about a simple version, for black n white printing. (virtually free then, but still getting your message out there)
Do you have some good black and white images for a fan made poster?

I will have to look into a black and white. If we run into issues I will personally get them sent to the local kincos or printing group in your area and pay for them and have you pick them up? Would that work?
Color works best I think but I will talk to the poster creator.

Xaviien. If you pm me your contact information I can send you the logos in Black and white(need your personal info just to be safe so the artists don't lose their minds).
But it would be just the logo. Currently we RARELY use black and white(kickstarter looks better in color hahaha).

Spread the word on twitter, ENworld, RPGnet, RPGgeek and so forth people. Thats the way for us to get this moving as well.
How many game stores do you guys need posters for?

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