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Thanks guys and thanks for the donation and the discussion about the 1.00 pledge. I listen to that kind of thing from you guys and always take it to the team to discuss.

Finally got around to pledging. Am very excited by the project and keen to see how it develops. Good luck =)

Since you removed the limit on $1 PDFs 4 more people have pledged $1, but your total has jumped 100's.
Not saying you're wrong, or that the total wouldn't have jumped hundreds anyway, but is the issue giving away more free copies, or adding more credits? I've noticed other KS projects that include a PDF for $1 don't give anything else. A general thank you is fine. Maybe you could limit the number of $1 backers that get credited?
I will buy a hard copy when I can, but honestly, I can't even justify spending $5 at the moment.

Thanks for reopening the $1 reward, even for a limited time. Us poor schmucks really appreciate it.

The issue is the amount of pages alloted. Its not some major issue just one that cropped up if we got really really high so I limited it early then thought better of it.
Ya many of the people pledging hundreds are from another site that promoted me. Luckily we can see who comes from where.

Now I am not arguing...I am the one who pushed for the 1 buck But yes its more of a space consideration and the fact that you have 2 users of Kickstarter.
1 Those who back almost anything just to help(great people)
2 Those actually somewhat interested

Since I can't change rewards after someone pledges at that level all I can do is limit it or not limit it now. My fault on that. So both users are basically scrunched together now.

Probably the BIGGEST problem with Kickstarter are the tons of restrictions once you start. I get it. But man it makes it so hard to track. It is technically still a beta

And thanks for your opinion I read everyone of them and think them over.

Could you use 6pt font for crediting $1 pledgers? Put us at the bottom of the page, with the major contributors in larger font at the top?

We can all see how much thought you put into our suggestions, and it's much appreciated. Thanks also for explaining a little how KS works.

Why not limit the first $1 pledge level with credit included and open another unlimited one for the PDF without any credit included? Say first 60-75 $1 people get credit the rest get the PDF

Originally Posted by chichirineko View Post
Why not limit the first $1 pledge level with credit included and open another unlimited one for the PDF without any credit included? Say first 60-75 $1 people get credit the rest get the PDF
Oh yeah, I meant to suggest this actually. Good thinking Chich.
Is it possible to add a limit to the credits for $1 and open up another $1 pledge level that ONLY gives the pdf and maybe the wallpapers?

It may be. Currently I am hands off the rewards/Kickstarter as it does nothing but really aggravate me So I promised myself to take 2 days away from messing with it and get some writing up.
Did an update just now as well. If you are a backer you should get it.

As for all these ideas, I have pasted them all into an Ideas by the Smart Guys text document.
Thanks each and every one for the suggestions!

WOW! The image of the Manosteen in that update email is AWESOME!!! Looks like it's made out of fabric and tissue paper, glued in layers over and over.

Sadly I had to zoom out a long way to see the entire image, and the text word wraps at the length of the image, making it near impossible to read directly from the email. I'm not sure if you can make the image only show at a lower resolution inside the email? (I've only written about 20 emails in my entire life)
Should I report bugs like this somewhere else? I've been in trouble for publicly reporting issues, recently, as some people don't like having their "mistakes" advertised.

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