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Myth-weavers calendar

Myth-weavers calendar

It seems to be stuck at 2010. It's not a big deal, but I was just wondering if this was broken at my end, or is a known site issue?

Sorry! I mean the calendar attached to your Control Panel, under the Event Reminders.

Clicking on Event Reminders brings you to the calendar:

Which shows you this beauty:

Which doesn't seem to allow you to set an event after December 2010. I wanted to set a reminder for one of my games, something I can easily do using external means, so no problem there. I just wanted to alert you guys to the problem if you didn't know already, or find out that the problem was on my end.

This feature is intended to not work That any part of it does work is an accident and a mistake and will be rectified at some point.

I'm putting "Feature is not not working as intended" down on my Myth-Weavers achievement list! Thanks Rodrigo!

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