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Adept Powers and Drakes

Adept Powers and Drakes: 4e

I've recently put together a Drake phys-ad character for a game here on MW. Obviously I went phys-ad because those powers gel well with the racial abilities granted by the Drake Quality (from Runner Companion).

Unfortunately that still leaves some holes since physical adept powers work mainly with your standard humanoid character best. So to compensate I'm playing around with a few powers that manipulate things like the Drake's elemental Attack. I'd appreciate it if some of the old SR hands would take a gander and tell me what they think.

Potent Breath
Cost: .25 per level (max 3 levels)
Each level of this power adds 2 to the character's effective Magic for purposes of determining a Drake's Elemental Attack damage.

[This was a direct rip of Power Throw.]

Swift Breath
Cost: 1
This power grants the Drake the extraordinary ability to quickly recharge and fire his Elemental Attack. The Elemental Attack power's Action is switched from Complex to Simple.

Bomb Breath
Cost: 1
The Drake can cause his breath to explode in an elemental blast at the target point. The Drake can set the radius from 1 meter up to a number of meters equal to his Magic Attribute. In return the Drake must resist Drain equal to the meters chosen using Willpower + Body. Each hit reduces the Drain Value by one. Bomb Breath Drain is Stun damage.

Elemental Preference
Cost: .5 per element
The Drake can choose an alternative element to Fire (or whichever his permanent one is) when he fires his Elemental Attack. Each time this power is chosen a new element is selected.

You may find it useful to provide which edition of the rules you're using.

Potent Breath looks a little too powerful, honestly, but the others seem good (Swift breath is iffy). I would consider comparing it to the other damage increasing abiities Adepts have, instead of range increasing abilities. That would make Potent Breath unfeasible, as adepts only get damage boosts for unarmed.

However, as a GM, I might allow a Breath Boost power, which would work like Attribute boost, but only applied to the breath attack.

To be honest, if you find the opportunity to shift into your drake form (which is the only time you get to use your racial features; most of them have no effect when you're a humanoid) you're already quite powerful; nearly on par with a possession mage channeling an equivalent force spirit. What's more, you're basically wasting more than 3 Power Points on something you'll rarely if ever get to use unless, of course, this is a ''pink mohawk'' level game.

Assuming you're focused on combat, you'd be much better off bolstering abilities that you can use in both forms. Attribute Boost, Improved Reflexes, Combat Sense, etc. are all top notch powers that would work equally well in either form. And, frankly, the Elemental Attack critter power is pretty darn powerful as is; it doesn't need a lot of help. But if you want to improve it anyway, Improved Exotic Weapon and any abilities that affect ranged attacks will all work just fine on it.

That said, it wouldn't hurt to ask the GM if he'd allow some of the unarmed strike powers to work with your breath weapon. Penetrating Strike and Elemental Strike in particularly make a lot of sense. But coming up with new powers just for that probably isn't a good idea.

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