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Looking for a sprite animator!

Looking for a sprite animator!

So I've been searching around for a person to help with a little indie project I'm working on. I've got me and a few buddies trying to piece together a monster training game! Everyone loves that sort of thing right? We've got 3 really talented heads coming up with ideas, and I am already tapping out some gameplay ideas. Programming is a ways off. We're still working concepts, but one challenge we've hit is not having anyone with any artistic ability. We're thinkers, not artists. We would love to bring in someone who can draw beautiful sprites so we can see what our monster ideas and character models will look like. I figured the first place I'd love to find one is Myth-Weavers. If you've got sprite talent and are interested in working on this with us, post your interest here. I can fill you in on further details, and we can get this ball rolling!

;>.> I'd love to help. However, you know that thing you accused me of being that I denied?

Yeah, I am in denial and it's probably a bad idea.

... I have no idea what you're talking about whatsoever... lololololol.

Pirates did it. Sorry, I'm happy the gif I made is up on the site. It took me to long to send it off to the mods.

:3 well if either of you want on board I'd be more than happy to work with one or both of you. Think Pokemon, but with more of a legends of mana/monster rancher feel.


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