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The game will start in 1973, in Washington, D.C. Marcus Vitel is the new Prince of the city, the Sabbat stronghold in nearby Baltimore pose a constant threat, and the city is also the location for a headquarters of The Inquisition, the Technocracy and the Arcanum, and a dozen or so mortal agencies with eyes carefully trained to spot any suspicious activity. Washington, D.C. is at once among the most dangerous and the most lucrative locations for a Kindred on the planet.

But you haven't been embraced....at least, not yet.

The game will begin in freeform style with the players as mortals, and it will pick up with sheets and dice after their embrace.

Create your embraced character according to the guidelines here: http://www.thesubnet.com/portal/wod/...roduction.html

I'll accept a vampire from any clan of the Camarilla, but Sabbat and Independent vampires will have to be pitched to me for approval. Additionally, the Path of Humanity will be the only one accepted without prior approval.

Game Description:

"Because I could not stop for Death—
He kindly stopped for me—
The Carriage held but just Ourselves—
And Immortality." -- Emily Dickinson

I'll be running a Vampire: The Masquerade game set in Washington, D.C., set in the early 1970s.

The mood of DC from a Kindred point of view is one of high anxiety, where a misplaced word or action can lead to the ruin of reputation or even to Final Death if the wrong Kindred is crossed. Citizens are also under more scrutiny, being located nearer to the mortal seat of power in the country, and the political struggles in the mortal world can also provide a source of danger.

The players will make their character sheets for neonates, following the rules here:
I'll allow characters who are 9th generation through 13th.

However, we will start the game with the in their mortal lives, and we'll freeform roleplay the embrace and their transformation into Kindred. Take your characters' backstory into consideration when making their sheets.

All of the Camarilla clans are allowed (including Gangrel, which was still a part of the Camarilla in the 1970s), but Independent and Sabbat clans will have to be accepted on a case-by-case basis. The one clan that is NOT allowed is Giovanni, which is still under a Blood Hunt from the Prince of DC, Marcus Vitel.

Posting Schedule: Normal.
Very interested.

We'll start shortly after Nixon's second inauguration. The Vietnam War will shortly be finished, so if you want to make an ex-soldier, it would work very well.

Hmm - this does sound great Calrond. A Nosferatu prowling the Metro? I'll get to work on a concept.

Ooh, that would be excellent. The ARPAnet (precursor to the Internet) has already connected several colleges and universities on the east and west coasts by this time, and a studious Nosferatu would at the very least smell the potential of the ARPAnet.

Oooooh, this sounds awesome. I've only play Vampire one time in a LARP and I really enjoyed it, so playing it here sounds awesome. I'll probably end up playing either a Malkavian or a Tremere... Maybe a Ventrue if I come up with a good idea. There's equal appeal to me between a "chess master" and a "bat-**** insane maniac" oddly enough. Not to mention with the opportunities coming up after end of the Vietnam war... .

Color me interested.


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