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The Siege

The Seige - Forum
Star Wars Saga - Rebellion Era
Estimated Members Requested: 6

I am looking for five or six players, give or take, to play in a campaign as resistance fighters (not rebels) on a planet that is under lock and key after the first Deathstar is destroyed. I will only accept 1 force user as jedi are hunted in this time period and they cannot divulge this info willy nilly. post some interest and a PM and I will get back at ya.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...
It is a troubled time for the galaxy, the Empire has been dealt a serious blow with the destruction of the Death Star, and the Rebel Alliance is still to young to engage in open combat on a large scale. They hide among the people, causing the Empire to enforce curfews and increase their intrusion into the lives of the innocent. The majority of the Imperial leaders do not see defeat as even a remote chance, but one man does, Captain Jai Vavra of the star ship Incarcerator sees the threat as a real possibility, and willing to do anything to quell the rebels. He has his sights set on Dentra IV, a peaceful world, but a world that harbours a very, dark secret...

Game Description:

I am looking for a group of around 5, give or take , to play in a campaign (PbP) that centers around a planet under lock-down after the rebels destroy the first Deathstar, All races and classes are allowed, players all start at level one with max hp and max credits. Also since you are playing heroes and not normal people if you roll less than an 11 then you bump that ability score to 11. Please post some concept characters and then we can get started on a char sheet. This game is fine balance between RP and action, There can only be one force user and they would be wise to carefully choose who they tell about it. Jedi are still high value targets.

Interesting, interesting... Is there going to be a thread for rolling ability scores? More importantly, basic cultural information about Dentra IV if we want to make a local character?

Always in the mood to play a force user, even if it needs to be hidden in this setting. I'm assuming a lightsaber is a dead give-away?

I'm considering a Cathar pit fighter. I'd like to get a viable build that does not involve the force.

I should probably clarify now that I'm think of making a Human Scout of some variety, who knows about surviving in harsh environments. With a feat dip for Treat Injury Training, possibly, as medics are never a bad thing, and survivalists ought to be able to tend their own injuries.

I'm interested... I'm thinking the Party needs a Mandalorian... cause every party needs a Mandalorian. Probably came to the planet to get a bounty and has found himself on the bad side of a blockade.

I may have missed it,
What is the Starting Level, and how do we roll or assign Ability Scores (I read the 11 min.)

Starting is first. Rolling isn't explicitely stated, so I'm currently assuming the default 4d6^3.

Sorry about all the confusion I am rather new to this, I am going to the forum page and making a few threads. Rolling will be honesty policy 4D6, we play heroes so anything less than 11 is bumped up to 11. if you know how to make a character then please go ahead and build one and send me a link to the char sheet in a private thread in the game forum. if not PM me and I can walk you through it.


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