A Darkness Gathers at Ridgar Keep

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A Darkness Gathers at Ridgar Keep

The Age of Endless Twilight - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 4e
Estimated Members Requested: 5

Introductions: Greetings everyone, I am here to offer you a chance to take part in a fun little game I've been cooking up. After a long while of not playing 4e I decided that I should roll up my sleeves and get to work on one again.

What I've got here is a game that I intend to try having just as much fun with it as my players will. This little game of mine will contain a good amount of roleplay and combat mixed up together to hopefully make a fun and flavorful story for all of us to enjoy. It'll start out as a standard dungeon crawl at the start but it'll work its way out into a more free form game after that.

Well with all of that about the game being said I guess I should share some information about myself because, hey I am the DM after all so you guys should know something about me. My name is Keradi01, or just Keradi, or Kerra for short. I've been a DM for eh... maybe over a year by now, but I find it to be so enjoyable, especially watching the players squirm and shake in terror triumph over the odds. There's so much fun to be had. If you've played Dwarf Fortress then you know exactly what I'm talking about so you can trust me right? There's going to be so much treasure to be had, places to explore, exciting combat, corpses, bloody sacrificial rituals, horrors beyond comprehension, wondrous places to see, and cake.

What I'm looking for in a player:
I love a good story more than anything else, it's why I love role playing games since they are like stories you and a few friends (or people you don't even know) get together to make a story of your own. Because of this, when looking for players I like well made characters who have more depth to them then Name, Class, Race, Stereotype, and so I honestly don't care about how well your character works in combat, if it's a good character then I'll take it.

Because of that, I also like flavorful posts (not just stale "I do this action" kind of posts), conversations among the party members, and such.

That said, I also want players who can post often. Games get stale when a player or two rarely ever bothers to post so unless you can post at a lot (on a normal basis anyway, special occasions/circumstances are excused) then I'd be happy and I'm sure any other players would be as well.

Character Creation and Applications:
The game starts at level 6 though I expect fast leveling to be involved. Character start out with standard wealth and the usual free magic items for their level to represent stuff you've gotten in the past. Full information about how to create a character can be found here.

As for your applications themselves, simply post a private thread for your character here. Please use the following format as a guideline for your applications (but feel free to pretty it up. Just make sure the asked for information is there. Feel free to add to it as well if you want).

Final word: Please ask any and all questions in the game forum under this thread. I'm more likely to see posts made there than any here in this ad. The ad will close either on the 28th of this month but if there are a decent amount of applications then I may cut it short.

Game Description:

Deep within the earth, the sounds of men, women and children cry out in pain and anguish. Within the halls of the ancient fortress, whose walls are made from black stone that shakes and cracks as unnatural energies swirl through the air, a darkness gathers that threatens countless lives.

"The ritual is almost complete, they said it is currently in its third stage." A woman who wore black armor said to the high priest, the cries of those being tortured or dying almost drown out her words. "However I think I let one of them escape." her tone showed how she was disappointed to say so. "Who escaped? One of those who attacked our temple?" the high priest asked, turning to the woman in armor. "Yeah one of them. They barely put up a fight so I just walked off when I thought they were all dead, but one of the acolytes said he heard someone running out in a rush." she shrugged as she said it. "Letting one of them escape isn't much of a problem, however more are likely to come, you know that right?" The high priest said giving the woman a stern glance as though scolding a child. As he finished that sentence a woman's scream filled the air before abruptly being cut out. "They just couldn't gag them all could they? No they had to be cheap." The woman complained, showing a look of annoyance. "Anyway just go off to whatever you were leaving for, I've got this under control. Hell, if they send in more than just three dozen men I might actually get a good work out." "Only do so if necessary, the ritual is at its most delicate stage right now, you cannot leave it undefended." "How boring... well I guess I'll just wait. I'd like to see who they send this time."

Several days later...

Help Wanted!Due to the recent raids and kidnappings within the kingdom, King Lioric has commissioned Army Captain Leera Stormblade to lead an assault on the ruin known as Ridgar Keep in an attempt to rescue the captured citizens and bring justice upon the kidnappers.

We are looking for heroes, mercenaries, anyone who is willing to lend aid to Captain Stormblade's efforts. We are offering a generous reward to any and all who participate in this operation.

For those interested, please refer to here: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Hmm... A character obsessed with eating (especially cake) coming up. (No, I don't know why.)

You almost had me convinced, but then I saw "Character ability scores are rolled"...

Wish you luck with the game though

Originally Posted by Jak_EcoFreak View Post
You almost had me convinced, but then I saw "Character ability scores are rolled"...

Wish you luck with the game though
That makes me sad that only one part is such a buzz-kill.

Well, the most I love about 4e crunch is the not having to roll ability scores. Some people say that low ability scores are a roleplaying challenge, but, let's face it, RPGs have combat, and some decent amount of it, so if you're not able to hit the broad side of a barn to save your life, your roleplaying challenge is gonna end rather quickly but I know I'm one of the very few people who think that way and, with the lack of 4e games out there, you're sure to have lots of apps

I hope so. I've been playing nothing but 3.5 for a while and everyone is having us roll everything. If players can't fight (which hopefully won't happen anyway) I'll just try my best to even things up. Can't have a game full of dead characters after all.

Originally Posted by Keradi01 View Post
I hope so. I've been playing nothing but 3.5 for a while and everyone is having us roll everything. If players can't fight (which hopefully won't happen anyway) I'll just try my best to even things up. Can't have a game full of dead characters after all.
Why not just use the basic point buy, or select a basic array that everyone uses to take the uncertainty and inherent inequality of rolling stats away?

Aaaah screw it, I'm gonna still apply xD

Interested for sure, I will think on what I might want to play


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