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Can't access my Prologue Thread

Can't access my Prologue Thread

Me and another player can't access the Prologue thread in my Lords Alliance game. Can one of the mods take a look please? Thank you.

That's really strange; I can't access the third page of the thread (with 20 post/page) either. Nor the thread at all with 30 post / page.

Second Page of the thread in question and third page, which returns as a completely white page.

Yeah I just noticed it this morning. Any idea what it could be?

One of my players posted the following on the OOC. Maybe this is the problem:

Originally Posted by Sturmm
It's basically trying to permanently display the Sheet over and over and over and over into infinity. SB = "StatBlock" it -is- the tag that generates the Statblock. By having the command -inside- the Statblock, it creates a command loop that never ends, thus timing out any pages it's on.

Do not put [sb] into the statblock of a character sheet.

Removed the statblock command from the character sheet's statblock - and the thread is accessible again.

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